How to lose weight healthily and in 6 steps!

How to lose weight healthily and in 6 steps!

How to lose weight in a healthy way with the arrival of summer?

In fact, from spring, in addition to the sun, there is another characteristic phenomenon that affects almost all of us: the anxiety to lose weight, and to arrive in summer in a better physical shape .

The most contraindicated thing to do is to forget about ourselves from autumn to winter, and then feel the pressure of the costume fitting starting from late spring or even at the gates of summer.

This, of course, prompts us to try any crash diet , when a healthy and balanced lifestyle all year round would allow us to do the bulk of the work early, and stay healthy.

The use of crash diets is fine one-off (literally: I’m just saying it can be done ONCE) but when it leads to the chronic diet trend it is to be avoided.



The main reason is that continual crash diets worsen our body composition.
The so-called phenomenon of the yo-yo effect generally leads to a progressive loss of lean mass and an increase in fat, therefore also to an impoverishment of the metabolism.

Let’s see how to break this vicious circle that damages our health by trying to lose weight in a healthy way.
Here are some tips from those of the leading Italian dieticians and nutritionists.

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