Diet for shift workers: doctor’s advice

Diet for shift workers: doctor’s advice

Those who work in shifts often expose themselves to rhythms of life different from those biologically set to be in line with our circadian rhythm: in particular for those who get up very early or work at night, the need to go to sleep when it is still daytime, lack of sleep in the evening, hunger at different times than the classic ones for breakfast, lunch and dinner and work-related stress are all typical characteristics often at the basis of problems such as excessive stress, worsening of one’s hormonal and metabolic framework , the tendency to gain weight, especially around the waist.
Depending on the type of shift, a specific diet for those who work at these rhythms is essential to recover health and weight. In this article we see the diet advice for shift workers from Dr. Subacchi , a doctor and biologist nutritionist, who in her book ” Dr. Subacchi’s diet ” explains how different dietary approaches, however inspired by the current food pyramid, can make a difference to according to individual needs, even in the case of allergies or intolerances.
According to Dr. Subacchi, the diet for shift workers must be differentiated according to the type of shift performed: for those who do not always carry out the same shift, you can vary from one scheme to another without problem, still managing to reduce stress and get back on line with your inner clock.


A common indication is not to skip meals: this adds stress to an already hectic pace and worsens the metabolism. The trick is to concentrate nutrition close to working hours, lightening it when you are resting.
So let’s see 3 diet schemes for shift workers (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO). 

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