The flexible diet of Dr. Bacciottini

The flexible diet of Dr. Bacciottini

Eat in moderation, even the foods we love the most, but within the right amount of macronutrients and calories so as not to gain weight or even lose weight.

These are the principles of the flexible diet.
A diet that makes the reduction of food stress and the granting of small cheats the cornerstones for being healthy and gaining a healthy weight.

How to set up a flexible diet?

Here are the advice of Dr. Lucia Bacciottini, nutrition biologist and professor of Nutrition in Florence, who has written an excellent book on the flexible diet that teaches how to lose weight without deprivation.
Let’s see the food plans according to the flexible diet that the doctor has developed for those who are at home (or work at home) and for those who work in the office.


Typical plan of Dr. Bacciottini, nutritionist.

Are you sedentary, do you work at home or are you homemaker?
Your problem is balancing your blood sugar throughout the day, thus anticipating boredom or hunger pangs.
In this plan , the light dinner compensates for the whims of the day.

A balanced but delicious breakfast and a lunch with “double proteins” must be combined with a detox dinner with lots of vegetables and a fruit.

  • Breakfast.
    Coffee with a teaspoon of brown sugar.
    50 gr of wholemeal or rye bread or 3 rusks with a tablespoon of goat or ricotta cheese or white Greek yogurt (or 3 teaspoons), a teaspoon of honey or 3 level teaspoons of jam + 3 walnut kernels.
  • Snack.
    A sugar-free herbal tea and a small pear or peach or two slices of melon.
  • Lunch.
    40 grams of rye or wholemeal bread with two tablespoons of hummus (or blended legumes, also cream of cannellini beans or peas obtained by blending 100 grams of cannellini beans or boiled peas with a teaspoon of oil seeds or oil and fresh aromatic herbs).
    50 grams of natural mackerel or bresaola (or natural tuna or two slices of smoked salmon or a large egg).
    Otherwise 50 grams of wholemeal pasta or brown rice with vegetables, a level teaspoon of oil, 60 grams of chicken pieces or 80 grams of shrimp or clams with net fruit. Plus 20 grams of parmesan or a 125-gram jar of low-fat white yogurt.
    And a coffee.
  • Snack.
    60 grams of hazelnut, chocolate, cream or coffee ice cream or 100 grams of fruit-only ice cream + a coffee without sugar.
    Instead of ice cream: a 125 gram Vitasnella yogurt + two small cocoa biscuits.
  • Dinner.
    Vegetable soup (without legumes or potatoes) or dish of cooked or baked or grilled vegetables.
    Small mixed salad with a teaspoon of oil and 2 sesame breadsticks or 50 grams of drained corn or a small slice of bread.
    A small apple or a portion of strawberries or red fruits weighing up to 120 grams.

Let’s now look at the flexible diet plan for those who work outside the home.

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