High blood sugar: strategies to lose weight

High blood sugar: strategies to lose weight

The strategies for losing weight in people with high blood sugar are not all the same.

According to this study, presented at the 77th national conference of the American Diabetes Association®, patients who suffer from high blood sugar but can be placed in a condition of pre-diabetes, in fact, need a different diet than those who suffer from type diabetes. 2.


According to a team of researchers from the universities and centers of Copenhagen, Colorado, Tufts University, Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición (CIBER OBN) and Gelesis , depending on the data of fasting blood glucose and insulin of the patient it is possible to find the right dietary approach to lose weight and resolve high blood sugar.

  • In fact, slimming would also allow the improvement of the condition of high blood sugar and diabetes.
    For this to happen, it is necessary to intervene in this way.
  • High blood sugar and pre-diabetes condition.

    Patients must follow a high-fiber diet. For example, Dr. McDougall ‘s diet , the 22-day diet , the fiber diet , the F-plan diet. 
    Alongside one of these protocols, walking slowly, taking a yeast supplement in the morning and a chromium supplement could prevent any problems.

  • Type 2 diabetes.

    A diet based mainly on plants but rich in healthy fats works, such as the diet of longevity by Valter Longo. Or else the opposite diet works for those who need to lose weight quickly and suffer from metabolic syndrome. That is, a diet with whole carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables but low in fat like the Pritikin diet and the Dash diet.  
    Here too, walking at a slow pace, managing stress and considering a natural supplementation with vitamin B1, vitamin B3, magnesium and chromium can be a therapy to accompany the pharmacological one.

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