Chris Powell’s Miracle Diet: 4kg off in one month

Chris Powell’s Miracle Diet: 4kg off in one month

The miraculous diet of Chris Powell , coach and health trainer, is a very simple regimen to do, which does not require caloric counting or portions, apart from those in an asterisk, and which allows us to freely compose the dishes to lose 4 kg in a month minimum. It is a healthy diet for everyone. Just learn the pattern.


It is a 1 + 1 + 1 scheme for lunch, dinner and breakfast, i.e. you have to choose a maximum food per group and combine it with a food of the other groups’ choice. The groups are only three.

On page two I give you an example of the diet, for now let’s see the groups.
First group (flat stomach foods) : about 120-150 grams with raw weight except eggs (two)
Salmon, plain tofu, eggs, shrimp, turkey breast, chicken breast, skimmed dairy products (cottage cheese, skimmed ricotta ), Greek yogurt. Second group (fat burning foods) : simple tomato or tabasco sauce, tomatoes, peppers, pecans (maximum 5-6), lemon, garlic, cinnamon, ginger. Aside from pecans, the rest of the foods are in free quantities. Third group (hunger-breaking foods):

about 100 gr of weight when cooked (not raw !: therefore the cereals must first be cooked and then weighed, otherwise when raw you must consider about 50 gr for quinoa, rice and pasta) except where otherwise indicated
black beans, oats in flakes (3-4 tablespoons), sweet potatoes (one medium), unleavened or rye bread (one slice), quinoa, brown rice of all kinds, buckwheat and buckwheat noodles.
Green leafy vegetables (salad, spinach, endive, escarole, rocket, etc.) can be freely associated with meals
A teaspoon of olive oil or almond butter per meal
A portion of fruit per day (150 gr), as a snack , including strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwis, red fruits.
Spices and herbs to taste, seaweed. Zero calorie sweeteners. Coffee or tea or herbal tea.

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