Cream soups for weight loss: the light and detox recipe

Cream soups for weight loss: the light and detox recipe

How to use soups for weight loss? Once we have stocked up on easy and good recipes, we can choose to use the soups to lose weight from half a kilo a week or up to 1-2 kilos a week in this way.

  • To lose about half a kilo a week: we use a cream soup for weight loss instead of the meal in which we usually eat the most.
  • If we want to lose more weight: we eat soups to lose weight for both lunch and dinner for at least 5 days a week, trying not to overeat on the weekend.
  • We can also use the soups to lose weight for a quick detox: that is to eat our cream for lunch and dinner for two or three days in a row every month, in order to lose one kg per month and take a mini purifying path.

But which creams to lose weight to choose? Which are the most effective?
The soups for weight loss must be light in calories but balanced between carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
They have to replace a meal.
This means: no to only vegetable creams or soups.

Here we see the light and detox cream recipe of the coach and dancer Jaana Kunitz , inventor of the Figure 8 method to lose weight that I talked about here. Jaana recommends remedy number three that I told you about at the beginning. Two days of smoothies to lose weight once a month, for a quick detox that makes us drop by even one kg, between real weight and accumulated water retention.

On page two, in addition to the recipe, I show you other soups for weight loss that fall within the recommendation for a balanced meal.

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