Gluten Free Cookies Without Thoughts

Gluten Free Cookies Without Thoughts

logo_senzapensieri_altThey are called “Carefree”, and I discovered them by chance in a supermarket: they are a company that provides two product lines , for now, but tempting enough in taste and quality to deserve a good review. The products are all gluten-free, without preservatives and without added yeasts , therefore ideal for those with celiac disease but also for those with an intolerance to leavened baked goods, and in some cases also designed for those who eat hypoglycemic.
Specifically, there is a line of protein snacks called Biscobarwhich is what I tried, and I can tell you that the taste result is very good: the Biscobars are not only gluten-free, but also have a low sugar content and a high content of both fibers which, hear, hear, of proteins, and the use of extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. A biscuit is quite large and substantial , but it is absolutely no worries about gluttony as it travels on one hundred calories and provides you with 19 percent soy protein, milk and egg whites.
The protein biscuits from the Biscobar line by Without thoughtsthey are of three types: covered with chocolate, covered with milk chocolate and coconut or hazelnut, while the normal gluten-free line includes various types of biscuits and filled snacks. This is the site:

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