The 3 day flat stomach diet

The 3 day flat stomach diet

Do you want a flat and deflated stomach?

Well, there are foods that digest after a lifetime and ferment in the intestine and foods that instead allow you to deflate quickly because they improve digestion and help reduce intestinal inflammation.

Here’s how you need to eat to get a flat stomach in just 3 days.

You can do this flat stomach diet for up to 6 consecutive days in case of irritable bowel, and repeat it for 6 days every month or for 3 days whenever you feel the need.

Flat stomach diet: resolve bloating in 3 days


  • Breakfast. 25 grams of toasted gluten-free bread or 100% spelled with a teaspoon of oil or two teaspoons of strawberry or blueberry compote with no added sugar. A coffee or tea without sugar (no sweeteners) + 200 ml of soy milk without additives or delactosed skim (for example Zymil green cap). As an alternative to bread: 30 grams of oat flakes boiled in milk and sweetened with a teaspoon of white or malt sugar. In this case, the milk can also be partially skimmed (but always delactosed). 
    Two tangerines or a kiwi + a sugar-free fennel seed tea. As a snack 150 grams of white Zymil Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of normal sugar or malt + cinnamon. 
    60 gr of quinoa or corn pasta with courgettes boiled in a teaspoon of oil, parsley, a tablespoon of grated parmesan. Half a banana or a kiwi or a mandarin and a fennel seed tea.
    Dinner. 70 grams of smoked salmon with a side of lettuce and 50 grams of avocado in a salad with apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of oil. 25 grams of toasted gluten-free bread or 100% spelled bread.
    200ml sugar-free pineapple juice.

    150 grams of Greek Zymil or soy yogurt with half a banana in pieces and a teaspoon of oat flakes, one of malt or sugar, cinnamon.
    Sugar-free coffee or tea.
    Snack. 200 ml of pomegranate or orange juice + 3 almonds.
    Lunch : 50 grams of polenta or white rice in risotto with 200 grams of pumpkin, a teaspoon of oil, a teaspoon of parmesan. Half a banana or a kiwi or a mandarin and a fennel seed tea.
    Snack: 1o grapes (do not swallow the seeds) or a slice of cantaloupe melon.
    Dinner:Chicken or veal in 130 grams with mushrooms and a teaspoon of oil, 50 grams of 100% spelled bread or toasted gluten-free. A fennel tea. For vegans: 20o grams of spring peas instead of chicken, stewed in a casserole with mushrooms. 

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