Five new alternative diets for weight loss

Five new alternative diets for weight loss

Five new diets that have appeared a few years ago make experts suspicious but gather many enthusiastic fans, who swear they have lost weight and promote them thanks to comments, blogs and so on.

You know, sometimes we go hunting for alternative ways to lose weight, well … as long as it works. And to work these alternative diets all work.

Let’s see them together.


It is a balanced diet in favor of carbohydrates, as long as they are whole and with a low glycemic index .
It’s true, no sugar, but stevia, erythrol, xylitol are fine.
In short: if you follow it briefly and not in its most extreme forms (some have said goodbye to fruit), it is an excellent diet. It balances the intestinal flora, aims at the naturalness of food, reduces blood sugar and makes you lose weight.
Here is a detailed plan. Two week sugar free diet. 


The potato diet is a diet that can be both single-issue and balanced. Some have lost ten kilos in two months by eating twenty potatoes a day. His name is Chris Voigt and he has a website where he explains why it is possible to eat potatoes without having food problems. But the best approach in my opinion is the balanced one, very effective for those who do not want to count calories or weigh everything. A medium cooked potato for lunch and dinner should be substituted for bread, rice and pasta, while a fruit is preferable for breakfast instead of biscuits and rusks. Here is a detailed 1100 calorie plan , which you can continue with leaving Saturday and Sunday free.


I talk about the ketogenic diet in many articles.
Read here, the Banting , here, the Bulleproof Diet . They are ketogenic diets in which carbohydrates are substantially not eaten or almost in favor of fats, including animal fats, and especially animal fats or coconut oil. The healthiest version is the intermittent or cyclical one. A classic ketogenic diet is eaten for 5 days a week, while on Saturdays and Sundays fat is reduced in favor of carbohydrates. It makes you lose about a kilo a week on average and does not cause the contraindications of the classic ketogenic diet. You can try the intermittent low carb diet if you like the idea. 


The Pegan diet is a diet that is somewhere between the paleo diet and the vegan diet. Cereals banned except for some exceptions, milk and dairy products or cheeses, yellow light for some types of legumes such as tofu. All industrial products are also banned. It is a diet that limits animal proteins for a more balanced and green approach. You can lose up to 15-20 kilos in a year.
Here is the Pegan diet plan. 


The intermittent fasting diet hasn’t stopped being trendy – quite the opposite. There are many ways to try intermittent fasting for weight loss, and it’s a method I recommend to anyone who is super busy and messy eats.
Here I propose three schemes to find the intermittent fasting plan that is right for you.
They all work and lose an average of 2 pounds per week.

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