The drink that takes away hunger with only 3 ingredients

The drink that takes away hunger with only 3 ingredients

A drink that takes away hunger thanks to its precious fiber content.
If prepared correctly, this drink has a very high satiating power, improves regularity, helps cleanse the colon and deflate the belly.

But most of all, it works when taken on an empty stomach.

I advise you to take it once a day in two halved portions.
That is a half portion before breakfast, on an empty stomach, and one before lunch or dinner or the meal in which you tend to eat more in general or during that time slot, but always before a meal.
For example, if you are hungry in the early afternoon, you can take it before the snack.

The main ingredient of this drink that removes hunger are chia seeds : the mucilage released by the seeds in fact regulate intestinal transit, reduce blood sugar and the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, reduce cholesterol, but above all they are very satiating. They also contain omega 3.
To learn more, read about the properties of chia seeds and how to use them for weight loss.

So here ‘s how to make the drink that takes away hunger.

chia water

A heaping tablespoon of chia seeds, 400 ml of water, two tablespoons of lemon or bergamot juice, a heaping teaspoon of honey or malt.
Boil the water. Pour it while still boiling into a bowl in which you have put the chia seeds. Mix everything for two minutes, then cover the bowl and let it cool for an hour. The chia seeds will swell up absorbing the water and releasing the mucilage, so the mixture will be thick.
Add the lemon juice and the malt, let it rest for another half hour (you can also do it the day before and keep the mixture in the fridge).
Drink half a portion half an hour to forty minutes before breakfast.
Half a portion before (half an hour / forty minutes) of the meal you want.

Kcal: for the whole portion, 80.

DIY cocoa slimming drink.

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