Facial wrinkles

Facial wrinkles

Beauty is both an external and an internal fact: even the wrinkles that appear on our face speak to us about us and make us participate in our experience, we try to understand and know which wrinkles can meet us and how to live with them harmoniously

Facial wrinkles

Because facial wrinkles are formed

Facial wrinkles are caused by a progressive decrease in collagen , this decrease in substance in turn initiates a process of progressive loss of tone and elasticity of the skin. The wrinkles that appear on the face in this way are the classic wrinkles of old age . The aging process is natural on the one hand, but on the other hand it also follows our way of dealing with life and the world.

Facial wrinkles are in fact also the result of contractions of the facial muscles, therefore of the most frequent expressions we use (the classic expression lines ), as well as the reaction to our lifestyle: it is now known that smoking, stress, incorrect nutrition, lack of sleep and excessive exposure to the sun’s rays are the cause of many small or large signs, both on the skin of the face, the external and most visible part of the body, and inside it.

What are the characteristic wrinkles of the face

Forehead : the classic horizontal signs appear (also called “anxiety lines) or the vertical lines of the expression typical of those who are often frowning, which start from the forehead and reach the nasal septum and are called gabellary lines .

Eyes: in this area appear the classic “crow’s feet” or periocular wrinkles, the most typical of facial wrinkles, together with wrinkles derived from bags and dark circles and eyelid wrinkles, you can really indulge yourself!

Nose : these are the classic fan wrinkles or “bar code” that appear between the nose and mouth, called nasolabial wrinkles . The nasolabial grooves can also form between the nose and cheeks, which deeply mark the expression and are formed due to the sliding downwards ( ptosis ) of the soft tissues of the cheekbones and cheeks. Among the wrinkles of the face the most hated by women!

Cheeks : genius wrinkles may appear on the cheeks , cutting the cheek vertically, giving the face a tired but lived expression.

Lips : here may appear smile lines around the lips, or the puppet wrinkle, which reaches up to the chin, and perioral wrinkles and commissural furrows.

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How to heal yourself naturally to prevent facial wrinkles

The decalogue of healthy and beautiful skin and that postpones the appearance of facial wrinkles for some time is made up of some small simple rules, to be kept in mind daily, not exceptionally, so that it is an effective prevention

  1. Keep your face clean every morning and evening, with water and natural and non-aggressive products
  2.  As you always brush your teeth, it is a good habit to learn to dose, along with your moisturizer for the day, even a drop of sunscreen.
  3. Prolonged exposure to the sun always requires high sun protection , especially for the skin of the face, unless you love the lived and deep skin of fishermen
  4. During the cold season, with too much wind, on the plane or in the presence of air conditioning,  always dry your skin , bringing a good cream with you
  5. Do not smoke and do not overdo it with food and alcohol , but keep a balanced diet rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water and natural detoxifiers (green tea, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice)
  6. Do sports and outdoor activities , take a walk in the countryside, in the countryside, by the sea, in the mountains, to oxygenate the tissues
  7. Perform a natural skin scrub once a week
  8. Get into the habit of making vapors to make the pores of the skin breathe: just a basin of boiling water, a towel and a drop of essential oil.
  9. Rest a lot and well, helping yourself with some herbal tea before going to bed
  10. Get to know and know your skin : observe, after a couple of months, if the treatment with a cream and the decalogue you are implementing gives you results to reduce facial wrinkles!


How to live harmoniously with facial wrinkles

Do not stop frowning, do not control the smiles, but show off and draw on your face all the freedom of expression you want; do not rush to find out about the costs of Botox and do not think that the most expensive cream is the one that works wonders, but learn this: the solution is to laugh about it, discover elegance in a new sign , play with the day, smile more, work without making work a slavery, play sports in a healthy way, expose yourself correctly to the sun, drink lots of water and moisturize the skin naturally, inside and out, in short, discovering yourself every day always beautiful and in harmony with your growing body and with his own soul that also smiles along with some new sign.

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