Homeopathic remedies for children: effectiveness and application

Homeopathic remedies for children: effectiveness and application

Homeopathy always has a very favorable action on children of any age, even being able to carry out a so-called eugenic therapy from the first days after their conception. Let’s find out how to use it better.

>   The effectiveness of homeopathy on children

>   Constitutional therapy

>   Main fields of application of homeopathy for children

Children and homeopathy

The effectiveness of homeopathy on children

The reason why homeopathy always has such prompt and effective results on children and infants lies in the fact that the infinitesimal component around which the whole human organism is structured, in its psychophysical complexity, and which from Hahnemann onwards we call vital energy , at this age it has not yet presented many of those perturbations, deriving from the continuous recourse to aggressive therapeutic substances, and to habits and temperamental inclinations which, following their continuous repetition, make it more and more torpid and insufficient, in its responses, to external stimuli, and in particular to all potentially pathogenic ones.

In children and infants, however, this component is still able to respond promptly to the stimuli of homeopathic remedies, which aim precisely at enhancing the defense and repair skills of the little ones, acting on that infinitesimal component we have just talked about, and thus allowing, in the very first months of life, a harmonious and physiological growth of the child, in harmony with its original constitution and, subsequently, to carry out a so-called constitutional therapy , which optimally prevents the main diseases to which, precisely by anatomical constitution, one is predestined and which, very briefly, we will recall below.

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Homeopathic remedies for children

Constitutional therapy 

In sulfuric children , the most frequent pathological manifestations are essentially the cutaneous ones and the exonerative ones of the upper airways, in carbonic children they include, on the other hand, a certain slowness in learning and the lack of availability for physical activity in general, with the consequent tendency to pathologies of ‘accumulation due to hyperalimentation, in the phosphoric , finally,  easy fatigue prevails , psychic even more than physical, and a whole series of affections linked to disturbances of the autonomic nervous system, mostly on an emotional basis, which make it easily susceptible to ailments of different districts of the body and as such make it defined by us homeopaths as a perennially sickly subject.

It is obvious that, even by constitution, the sulfuric child will quickly and suddenly enter diseases and, for these, will always present lively and intense reactions, the carbonic, on the other hand, will have decidedly more torpid and slow processes, which will manifest themselves mostly in phase advanced of over-accumulation, the phosphoric, on the other hand, will have, precisely for what has been said, interminable convalescences, which will make it more and more convinced of its loss compared to the others. 


Main fields of application of homeopathy for children

It is then understood that the therapeutic field of homeopathy among children is directed above all to preventive treatments and to improve their ability to deal with pathogens in an adequate and increasingly effective way and, obviously, to reduce the tendency to food overaccumulation of the carbonic, to the easy tiring, initially only psychic, of the phosphoric, and to the excessive competitiveness of the sulfuric which leads him to appropriate what he desires prematurely and without respect for what surrounds him.

From all this arise the numerous therapeutic indications of homeopathy during childhood, which include: skin and allergic diseases , recurrent respiratory disorders and asthma , the tendency to overweight , obesity and hyperinsulinism , disorders temperaments that concern all the possible manifestations of being, from hyperactivity , to passivity, to excessive insecurity or fearfulness . All aspects, physical and mental, which shape the adult to come, and his different character nuances, not always suitable for good coexistence with creation and with one’s neighbor. 


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