Tea tree against pimples

Tea tree against pimples

Tea Tree Oil is a remedy with a thousand uses to always keep at hand for fungi, warts, skin infections and even for the much hated pimples!

Tea tree against pimples

Tea tree essential oil is a very versatile oil that has a broad spectrum antibacterial and antifungal action .

The botanical name of the plant from which the essential oil is extracted is Melaleuca Alternifolia of the Mirtaceae family. Tea tree oil has a pungent, spicy-herbaceous scent , the color is greenish-yellow.

The properties attributed to tea tree oil are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic, expectorant It can also be said that Tea tree oil is a true natural antibiotic . 

It is indicated for infections and skin problems , such as acne , bacterial pimples , herpes , insect bites, warts , mycosis of the skin and nails, dandruff , canker sores , sore throat , vaginal inflammation, candidiasis .

In short, it is a “first aid” remedy to always keep at home .

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Tea tree and skin cleansing

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action of tea tree essential oil make it particularly suitable for impure skin, the presence of pimples and acne , because it performs a complete cleansing activity, decongesting the skin from inflammation , rebalancing the excess of sebum and counteracting the bacterial presence.

We can use tea tree oil in a thousand ways and make it become a friendly “ingredient” for our personal hygiene.

It is generally well tolerated both directly on the skin and on the mucous membranes in its pure state, but as a precaution it is better to dilute it in an eudermic carrier oil and for the specific problem it is advisable to use St. John’s wort oil with soothing, healing and recompacting properties for the skin .

What can we prepare with tea tree for face cleansing?

A specific cleaner

We use a cleansing milk based on cucumber and witch hazel , but also a neutral solution and in the walnut of product used to clean the skin, add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil , mix it and emulsify well and then spread it on the face.

In this way we have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the skin without attacking it.

>  A detox mask

We can also integrate tea tree oil with the face mask that we apply weekly in case of pimples.

It can be a pre-prepared mask, perhaps based on clay and propolis , but also a DIY mask with ventilated green clay to which you can add a teaspoon of olive oil in which we will have dissolved two drops of essential oil tea tree .

Tea tree also pure

We can apply it on a single pimple if we have had the unfortunate idea of ​​squeezing it, and who does not, in this way we disinfect and facilitate the healing of the part!

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