Eggs “absolved” of high cholesterol

Eggs “absolved” of high cholesterol

Egg meThat the equation between eating foods with a high cholesterol level and finding yourself with hypercholesterolemia was not as simple as the doctors talked about it, or as we read on the internet, we have noticed in many. Especially if we consider some fatty foods such as eggs or walnuts and hazelnuts, are we really sure that these foods are bad for your health ? Eggs, for example, are the protagonists of many slimming diets, they are a noble source of protein together with meat, they act beneficially on our metabolism, they help us to dispose of more fat: how is it possible, if they contain a lot of cholesterol?On this issue, research has always been divided: on the other hand, the old school has always taught that foods rich in cholesterol are bad for those who suffer from high cholesterol (and if so, who feels like denying the doctor?), on the other hand, faced with the advent of many protein diets, and without wishing to defend them, in which patients, together with weight loss, cost a drop in cholesterol and glycemia in the blood, one wonders whether demonizing some foods is still a winning move . Now this article also comes out , which actually clears eggs in the diet of patients with type 2 diabetes, arguing that a daily consumption of two eggs decreases blood sugar and helps the sense of satiety , without negatively affecting cholesterol.
Once again, saying no to some foods rather than making us gain health takes away our taste from the table.

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