Improve digestion for weight loss

Improve digestion for weight loss

digestionOur good digestion is very important not only to be healthy and live long, but to promote weight loss . When I started this work, I read a lot about the role of enzymes in digestive processes, and about the importance of a healthy intestinal flora to allow us a healthy digestion and avoid imbalances that can lead to various types of ailments, including candidiasis! Clearly, it is not only food that influences our intestinal flora and the way we digest and metabolize what we eat: unfortunately our hectic lifestyle also plays its part, or the abuse of certain substances such as coffee, smoking or alcohol, drugs.
Yet, if we digested better or learned to do so by re-establishing good intestinal hygiene at the level of bacterial flora, we would have a faster metabolism, better muscle tone and even healthier skin and hair. On the other hand, poor digestion is like an invisible disease: skin that is duller and full of impurities, capillary and nail fragility, poor vitality, swelling of the belly, abdominal pain, difficulty in going to the bathroom, a sense of heaviness, water retention. Poor digestion is often accompanied by an accumulation of weight. A friend of mine once did an oral digestive cure, and a week later she had lost seven pounds. she in her case of hers, she suffered from severe overweight, but she lost them and the colic she frequently suffered from disappeared. Obviously, having in the meantime not done anything to improve her diet, in a couple of months she regained the weight she lost.

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