Dr. Oz’s anti-bloating diet

Dr. Oz’s anti-bloating diet

This anti-bloating diet is designed for those with bloated stomach problems and intestinal irritation.
It is not a real diet with weights and a precise scheme, but a set of dietary re-education rules to reduce swollen stomachs and stomachs in a few days , presented in an episode of Dr. Oz Show.

I remind you that all of Dr. Oz’s slimming plans are developed by his team of nutritionists in collaboration with an expert who is the guest of the episode. In this case, the advice was developed with the advice of Dr. Fuller, an American gastroenterologist.

I found this anti-bloating diet interesting because it suggests the consumption of certain foods that reduce intestinal swelling, are antispasmodic and improve both intestinal flora and, in the long run, digestion.

Very often, when there is a latent inflammatory state in the intestine, taking broad-spectrum probiotics and paying attention to the choice of foods can halve or make the symptoms disappear, if there are no particular pathologies.

Let’s see the anti-bloating diet, with an easy scheme to put it into practice.


  1. Use some of these friendly foods on a daily basis to reduce intestinal inflammation.

    Ginger (fresh or powdered), pumpkin, fresh or dried mint, Greek yogurt, fresh pineapple, star anise (also in powder), dandelion leaves or in the form of herbal teas, papaya (useful for those suffering from constipation). You can find papaya and pineapple enzyme supplements at the pharmacy, which are useful for promoting digestion. On Amazon an excellent product is the following: Vegavero® DIGESTION SUPPLEMENT .

  2. Consume one or more of these spices with each meal.

    Fresh oregano, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric (to be consumed with black pepper), paprika, fennel seeds.

  3. Avoid foods high in refined sugars.

    Puffed cereals, fruit yoghurt, sweet drinks and juices, bars and baked goods with added sugar, snacks such as french fries, pretzels, candied or dehydrated fruit (often there are added sugars), syrups, sauces and any preparation that has sugar ( also in the form of rice syrup, glucose and fructose syrup, etc.).

  4. Drink green tea or black tea (the English Breakfast) daily to heal your bowels.

  5. Avoid carbonated drinks.

  6. Don’t chew gum and reduce the alcohol to one glass of wine a day.

    Now let’s see the anti-bloating diet plan , to be used as a food “base” for at least two weeks 

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