Health and electronic cigarette: let’s be clear

Health and electronic cigarette: let’s be clear

Electronic cigarettes are depopulating on world markets, despite the fact that they are still at the center of many debates. What is known for certain is the fact that, in terms of health, e-cigarettes have a less harmful impact compared to that caused by the habitual consumption of traditional cigarettes.

In fact, they work simply thanks to liquids which, when heated, become vapor and recall the typical sensations of smoke. Naturally, everything happens through different and completely innovative processes, with which we can guarantee an experience that is so interesting that we can think of giving up smoking permanently.

With a constantly growing market, special shops have sprung up from which to buy cigarettes and liquids of certified quality, such as the Terpy online site : always a guarantee for vape lovers.

Electronic cigarette: what impact does it have on health?

The first topic to be addressed concerns the electronic cigarette and health , in order to clarify a topic so much discussed.

The truth is that, even today, studies are underway that certify the total harmlessness of these electronic devices on smokers. Meanwhile, as reported by the official website of the AIRC , it is immediately possible to state that the steam released contains substances that are not as harmful as those produced by tobacco.

The reason for this is mainly linked to the absence of the combustion process, typical of traditional cigarettes. Aspirating when you smoke means taking in numerous harmful substances, some of which are carcinogenic, such as tar and arsenic.

Specifically, smoking a commercial cigarette means consuming a product containing about 4,000 chemicals, of which at least 400 are toxic, and another 400 already believed to cause mouth or lung cancer.

Conversely, e-cigarette liquids contain compounds such as propylene glycol and glycerin. In this case, these are elements typically used in the food and film industries. As for the aromas, however, most of them produce flavor because they are simple additives also used in food.

Starting from these considerations, it can well be understood that, although it is complex to analyze the compounds present in the various aromas mixed with liquids individually, the damage to health is actually less.

What are the benefits of the electronic cigarette?

The first benefit to be gained thanks to a habitual use of electronic cigarettes certainly lies in lung health . As stated earlier, vaping limits the damage reported to the lungs during the consumption of commercial cigarettes. As a result, you can start exercising again without feeling shortness of breath and heaviness in breathing. 

For women, on the other hand, it is important to know that, saying goodbye to traditional cigarettes for an electronic device, also means definitively healthy the imperfections caused by smoking: yellow teeth and nails, wrinkles and rapid aging of the skin.

Another advantage is, of course, the opportunity to independently manage the quantities of nicotine to be consumed . In fact, e-cigarette liquids contain varying percentages, with a maximum of 26 mg. By making constant efforts, many people have even managed to quit smoking permanently. 

What makes it easier is the gradual transition with which this becomes possible: starting from higher levels, over time you will be able to decrease the nicotine consumed, avoiding the hard part of the tobacco withdrawal crisis.

Using an electronic cigarette can also prove useful to protect those around us: the vapor released into the air quickly disperses, eliminating the problem of secondhand smoke.

Finally, it is a great way to save: those who are used to smoking at least one pack of cigarettes a day, notice a lower expense for the purchase of liquids and related products. In fact, by choosing quality rather than convenience, with the right care, you will buy an electronic cigarette that will last over time.

Electronic cigarette and health: are liquids without nicotine dangerous?

Another topic related to health and the electronic cigarette concerns the recent controversies about the danger of liquids without nicotine.

The reason for this is due to the spread of news regarding the presence of compounds such as heavy metals in the products included in the e-cig. Of course, this is not true information: in recent years, specific regulations have been imposed, so that liquids and aromas are made with specific substances. All this serves to protect the health of smokers, preventing unsavory products from appearing on the market.

As already mentioned above, even nicotine-free liquids have the same composition: glycerol, propylene and distilled water. Of course, you can mix aromas to give fruity, creamy or aromatic flavors to the liquid. There are many who opt for tobacco aromas, useful for not suffering from the lack of tobacco notes to which one is so accustomed.

On the contrary, it seems that vaping without taking nicotine is becoming the order of the day: you will be able to fully emulate the usual gestures of when you smoke, but without exposing your health to irreversible risks.

In conclusion, neither the electronic cigarette nor products connected to it seem to damage the psychophysical well-being of those who use them. Of course, the best way to keep yourself safe is to never start smoking. However, for those who feel the need to quit, wanting to protect themselves and others, e-cigs could make a valuable contribution.

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