The smoothie to improve digestion

The smoothie to improve digestion

This smoothie is a great remedy for improving digestion and reducing belly bloating, especially if your bloating progressively increases throughout the day, and especially if you feel bloated and uncomfortable from lunch to dinner.
It can be taken around four in the afternoon, as a snack. The trick is to choose an unripe banana (obviously not very green or inedible) because the unripe banana is rich in prebiotic fibers useful for the health of our colon, thanks to its percentage of resistant starch.

We will combine the banana with low-fat Greek yogurt (delactosed yogurt, for example zymil, is fine too) and a vegetable drink based on oats. Avena sativa is useful for those with metabolic problems and nervous hunger. To get it naturally, just rinse the whole oat flakes under running water, put them in a container with 300 ml of hot water for 50 grams and leave to infuse overnight. Filter the water and set it aside (we’ll use half of it for the recipe), while the soaked flakes can be stored for vegetarian patties, porridge or in soup.
For those in a hurry, I recommend a brand that can be found in organic shops.
Finally, the fourth ingredient is nutmeg: we must not abuse this spice, but nutmeg remains very useful against those with digestive problems, the important thing is to sprinkle it. It is also a natural antidepressant.
In this way we will obtain a probiotic and prebiotic creamy smoothie, anti stress, adjuvant of the metabolism, ideal if you also suffer from nervous hunger in the afternoon.  

Here is the smoothie recipe to improve digestion.
For one serving (180 calories):
100 gr of unripe banana (from green to light yellow)
75 gr of 0% fat delactosed Greek yogurt such as zymil (half pack)
150 ml of homemade oat milk (for infusion) or of Isola Bio light oat vegetable drink
a sprinkling of nutmeg
a teaspoon of stevia

Blend all the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a very large glass (about 350 ml) and stir quickly with a teaspoon to release the air from the mixture. Drink while sipping a little at a time.
Good to know: This smoothie contains one of the daily fruit portions. Therefore, avoid eating two more portions of fruit if you have problems with low insulin sensitivity and absolutely DO NOT associate this smoothie with another portion of fruit or sweets or biscuits. It is already a complete snack like this.

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