Grease for no reason: is it possible? And when does it happen?

Grease for no reason: is it possible? And when does it happen?

Grease for no reason: is it possible? What are the causes, apart from food, that lead us to gain weight? In this article we briefly see the main causes that cause weight gain even if the diet has remained absolutely the same.
Yes, this problem can happen even without our diet having changed.
Here I’ll explain why there are situations that make you gain weight for no reason. 

1) You have suffered a lot of stress or you are in a stressful period of your life: the body reacts to stress in two different ways. If you already tend to be overweight and have a slower-than-normal metabolism, weight gain usually occurs. Instead, it has been seen that those with a fast metabolism tend to lose even more weight due to stress (study). In one way or another, stress causes a metabolic alteration. Daily life is already stressful on its own, but in certain periods the work, the anxieties for a certain situation, the different rhythms of life that contrast the natural circadian rhythms of the body contribute to making us fat. And if you work at night, you work shifts or get little sleep, the stress of these situations is likely to lead you to gain weight.

2) You have a fatigued thyroid: an unexplained hypothyroidism situation in a true hypothyroidism is more common than you think. It is called “transient hypothyroidism” and is a situation that can last for a few months up to a year. It can happen after pregnancy, as a result of thyroid problems (a lump, for example) or as a silent state which then leads to actual hypothyroidism. Thyroid function is reduced, and you risk gaining weight. It is more common in women than in men, and it can occur if we also abuse drugs, if we overtrain, if we have been on a diet or diet without carbohydrates for a long time, or as a result of either a deficiency or an excess. of iodine.

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