Colloidal silver: does it really work?

Colloidal silver: does it really work?

Colloidal silver: does it really work?

It has made a comeback after a very long time and is regarded as the best natural substitute for antibiotics. But are the benefits of colloidal silver real or is it just a new trend of the moment?

Homeopathy is becoming more and more popular and is starting to be preferred, at least in cases of minor pathologies, to traditional medicine.

For many of us, researching, generally via the web, what are the most suitable natural remedies for the most varied ailments – from the common cold to much more serious problems – has now become a practice.

There can be many explanations regarding this turnaround, among which the conspiracy theory stands out against the pharmaceutical companies that, in order to sell, would be willing to give us poison.

Beyond personal beliefs, especially when it comes to your own health, it is always good to approach alternatives by informing yourself adequately before excluding relying on traditional treatments.

In this article we will focus on the specific case of colloidal silver which is emerging as an alternative cure to antibiotics to fight infections, trying to understand if it is a safe and reliable remedy or, simply, the latest homeopathic discovery with dubious efficacy.

What exactly is colloidal silver?

We have already talked about it in the article ” Colloidal silver, where to buy it and how much it costs “, however it is necessary to add more information.

Let’s start by understanding exactly what colloidal silver is and what it looks like.

Technically it is a suspension of very thin particles of silver that are obtained through the electrolysis of this metal inside a very pure liquid (generally bi-distilled water) and appears as a liquid with a characteristic straw yellow color.

These positively charged ionic particles must have a diameter of between 0.001 and 0.01 microns and be in a concentration not exceeding 20 ppm (parts per million).

Unlike antibiotics, it is therefore not chemically synthesized, but simply obtained through the electro-chemical cleavage of silver.

For more detailed information on the physico-chemical characteristics of colloidal silver, please refer to the page argento -colloidale .

What benefits can it bring in the medical-health field?

Before talking about the healing properties of colloidal silver and its possible uses, it is necessary to point out first of all that it is not a recent invention, but a medical-surgical device that was widely used before the discovery of penicillin and the consequent advent of antibiotics as a disinfectant generally for topical use and for the prophylaxis of surgical instruments.

The reason for its multiple uses is simple: the ionic particles of colloidal silver, once in contact with pathogens, are able to attack the enzymes responsible for metabolism, causing their death within a few minutes.

It therefore lends itself to being used to eradicate all bacterial infections – from skin infections to those of the urogenital system, up to those of the respiratory system – and also promotes the healing of tissues injured by ulcers or burns.

Can it really be used in place of antibiotics?

According to the results of the most recent clinical studies, pure colloidal silver, which is recognized as a real medical aid and therefore not as a simple homeopathic drug, has a real efficacy against microbial infections and, consequently, can be considered as a valid alternative to the use of antibiotics.

Furthermore, the massive and too often indiscriminate use of antibiotics has induced pathogens to develop genetic mutations that make them unassailable by this category of drugs.

It is a phenomenon called antibiotic resistance and which unfortunately is spreading to an ever increasing number of microbes and viruses and which prevents the antibiotic from being really effective against different types of infections, mostly intestinal ones.

Obviously, common sense requires that you always contact your doctor before opting for one or the other solution and, if you choose colloidal silver, take it according to the most correct dosage for the type of infection you are treating.

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