Are you looking for a nutritionist in Udine? I have what he does for you

Are you looking for a nutritionist in Udine? I have what he does for you

Have you ever thought about starting a diet that has a scientific basis , that is perfectly designed for you?

Whenever I think about it and find myself in difficulty with my weight, I always imagine that I have to ask a professional for help, one who is both a nutritionist and a biologist, so I can do a complete screening of my body and mine . metabolism to give me a personalized diet that is only valid for me.

When I am in the north for work, quite often, I always try to find the best in those areas, also to discuss what is the work I should do on my body and my weight.

If you are looking for a  nutritionist in Udine,  I have what is right for you, the flower of the professionals of the San Marco Wellness Center.

But what is this San Marco Wellness Center and what will the nutritionist do? Now let’s see more specifically.

What will the nutritionist do?

The San Marco Wellness Center is a center that deals with the well-being, in fact, of the person as a whole. From motivational coach to postural gymnastics, from metabolic fitness to personal trainer, everything is designed and organized to make your life a better life.

The figure of the nutritionist-biologist is what interests us most, also because any examination will be done on the person who requires the care will be done according to the needs of that person.

The nutritionist subjects the patient to a test for food intolerances and then creates a personalized diet with training to follow.

The nutritionist calculates the ideal weight , the ideal weight, starting from the person’s build and also based on the physical activity to which he is used.

The body mass index will also be calculated and is what it takes to make the nutritionist understand how fit you are. With the body mass index it is also understood which diseases related to being overweight may be possible. It also measures how much fat they have in the body and what types of intolerances and allergies make it even more difficult for us to lose weight.

Thanks to the degree in biology we have a complete picture of the patient who will then lead us to create, with the nutritionist, our perfect diet, built, day by day, according to our needs. Not a diet for everyone but a diet that suits us only.


When we talk about taking care of us we would need someone to take care of us from A to Z, without fear of taking an extra exam to have as many elements as possible to customize our diet and our path to improve our body. and our health. A nutritionist-biologist in Udine, as good as the professionals of the San Marco Wellness Center, can be the solution that we all expect to greatly improve the quality of our life and our way of eating, with the right foods, those that we do not. they hurt.

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