The properties of snail slime. But does it really work?

The properties of snail slime. But does it really work?

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Every few years, in the aesthetic field, we find ourselves in front of the fashions of the moment that bring forward more or less effective products. In this case, what I’m going to talk about, on the other hand, fashion, in fact, is accompanied by unparalleled effectiveness.

I’m talking about the  properties of snail slime . Through this article we will also try to understand if cosmetic products based on snail slime really work .

In fact, snail slime creams are definitely miraculous and, not to be underestimated, completely natural.

Perfect both for the imperfections already present on our skin, and for the regenerating effects.

Let’s see together.

The property

Since we at Vailo are curious, we went to do some research to unravel the following.

Some workers worked on an aquarium in which there were snails, among various species of marine animals. Each time these workers found themselves dealing with the drool of these snails their hands became softer and brighter.

From there they began to think of snail slime as a miracle for the skin .

And they began to study the active ingredients.

Some scientific studies have already established that snail slime is a perfect natural antioxidant , thanks to the isoenzymes contained within the compound that slow or stop free radicals and cell degeneration.

Another point in favor is that this cream, which is clearly extracted from the animal, helps the regeneration of the fibers that make up the human skin in its intermediate zone called delma

Another feature is that of stimulating molecular processes that serve to regenerate the skin. In fact, for this very reason, the drool determines the regeneration process of the skin and is perfect for healing the skin, against pimples, against other various irritations.

Does snail slime work?

First of all we must understand if the snail slime cream is completely natural, because this helps a lot to keep the product intact and completely hypoallergenic. In fact, the main active ingredient of the completely natural slime is glycolic acid which, if not contaminated by other artificial elements, is already perfect for cell regeneration and to increase the production of collagen which helps to keep the skin elastic and young.

Thanks to the other components I have already talked about in the other paragraph, it is enough to really massage the affected parts of our skin to immediately notice a certain improvement.

In addition to the purely aesthetic purpose, the drool is also used to soothe the anti-aestheticism of a scar, a sunspot or hormonal. In fact, the constancy in using the drool every day leads to great results in terms of changes and regeneration of damaged skin.

Given the speed of absorption and the fact that the drool is completely natural, you can safely use the cream every day, without problems. Moreover, when stored in the fridge, during the summer months, it also becomes a fantastic after-sun, with great freshness on the skin, emollient and calming on the parts most exposed to the sun.


After years of fashion decisions born from marketing or word of mouth of the moment, aesthetic companies have found themselves in front of a fashion that is also a real miracle for the skin: snail slime. Perfect for soothing scars, rejuvenating, softening, regenerating, it is the real discovery of the early 2000s.

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