Chia seeds for hair beauty

Chia seeds for hair beauty

The beauty and health of hair also passes through small precious nuggets: they are chia seeds, a natural supplement that never ceases to amaze.

Chia seeds for hair beauty

Chia seeds, a natural superfood

That it is an amazing superfood has been known for a long time, defined by many as “the greatest plant source of Omega 3 present in nature” , chia is rich in fiber and precious vitamins, in particular vitamin A , vitamin E , vitamin C , vegetable proteins and folic acid , but not only. 

All of these are essential sources of well-being for skin , nails, eyes and even hair .

In general, it can be said that chia seeds have a high antioxidant power – thanks to flavonoids and catechins – and repair the damage caused by aging, regenerating cells and protecting them from inflammation. 

Nor should we forget the potassium and zinc content of these small nuggets : the first helps to regulate blood pressure, rebalancing cholesterol levels , while the second helps to slow down the aging process and hair loss , increasing the efficiency of the immune system and safeguarding the intestine.

Beauty seeds for hair 

Chia therefore represents an important natural ally for hair care and health , both from the inside and outside. 

In the first case chia seeds can be added constantly and for a certain period of time – during the change of season for example – to the daily diet , for example in the yogurt for breakfast or snack; in salads or first courses; in soups or bread, even in the creation of excellent and healthy spoon desserts and puddings .

Chia can also be consumed as it is , by eating a level teaspoon of seeds a couple of times a day, followed by a nice glass of water or fruit juice, just like a natural supplement . 

In the second case , the chia seeds can be left to macerate in boiling water for half an hour , then, by filtering everything, you can use the liquid in a vaporizer, sprinkling on washed hair, just like a natural strengthening gel .

We proceed with drying, without rinsing , so as to give strength and volume to fine and weakened hair and can be used whenever you feel the need. 

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Chia seed pack: the recipe

Another idea to give tone and vitality to the hair, strengthening it and strengthening the fiber, is to mix it with other ingredients to create healthy and effective natural packs : here is the recipe. 


> a tablespoon of chia seeds;
> a tablespoon of flax seeds ;
> a spoonful of honey ;
> a couple of drops of lemon .


In a saucepan , boil the equivalent of a cup of water , then add the chia and flax seeds.

Leave everything to rest for a few hours , even the whole night if it is more convenient for you.

It will be observed that the compound has become rather gelatinous ; then add the rest of the ingredients, mix well and distribute over the lengths.

Leave the pack on for at least 15-20 minutes before washing gently with a mild shampoo.

Warning: the consumption of supplements, even if natural, does not replace a healthy and balanced diet; it is always a good idea to consult your doctor or an expert in advance and avoid do-it-yourself.

Read: “Chia seeds” by Gian Paolo Baruzzi, Liana Zorzi; “The power of chia seeds: 111 recipes to heal yourself at the table” by Barbara Simonsohn

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