Brown fat diet to lose 6 kg in one month

Brown fat diet to lose 6 kg in one month

The Brown Fat Diet is a viable diet plan for anyone who wants to improve their diet to lose 6kg in one month and get to the right weight forever.

The diet plan, conceived by Dr. James Lyons , a professor at Yale University in Clinical Medicine and a surgeon, aims to reduce white body fat, or what we call flab, by promoting the formation of brown fat.

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Brown fat is a fat that is very scarce in overweight or obese people, and that generally tends to shrink significantly with age. It was once thought that this type of fat was present only in infants, but for some years many studies have highlighted its presence especially in very thin people.

In fact, brown fat is a portion of fat that is metabolically more active than white fat.

Essentially, it prompts the body to burn calories in the form of heat (thermogenesis). But this fat is not created out of thin air. It is possible to convert some of the white fat into brown and in this way lose weight by burning the rest of the body fat, which will no longer be needed by your body. Read more here. 

Dr. Lyons believes he has found the solution to do so through a very intelligent diet, which he called the brown fat diet. It is a diet in which you do not give up any food, but which must be combined with half an hour of physical activity every day.

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