The fatal ingredient in fat burning supplements

The fatal ingredient in fat burning supplements

I was undecided whether or not to write this article. Undecided because there are fat burning supplements on the market that significantly raise the metabolism, but which contain a lethal ingredient, which has caused the death of some people: but in Italy their sale is prohibited. So this thing might not be of interest to you.

However, when looking at recent news about the seizure of a caffeine supplement obtainable in Italy I thought it was useful to talk about it. Yes, because the supplement in question contained precisely this substance, but, beware, it was not in the list of ingredients. Following an accident, the supplement was analyzed in the laboratory and … surprise … the magic ingredient was the lethal one.


What ingredient am I talking about?
I’m talking about the DNP, or Dinitroferol.

A fertilizing substance that came to light from the First World War that was used in addition to other ingredients to create an explosive mixture by the French army. Indeed, because Dinitroferol generates combustion.
You may wonder: how did we get from explosives to slimming?

The story is curious and the DailyBeast documents it today . Those who worked on the creation of explosive mixtures, inhaled and touched the mixture in a few days, lost weight, suffered from tremors and jaundice, had colic and cramps and within a few hours a high fever. Immediate death ensued from the onset of the fever.
The body temperature is so high that the internal organs literally fry.

Some doctors then wondered if in low doses the Dinitroferol could make you lose weight.

And so in the 1930s, Drs Windsor Cutting and Maurice Tainter experimented with a low-dose DNP diet pill. They had great results, but there were some cases of suspicious death that led them to go to court. From that moment, however, the trade in weight loss supplements based on DNP began, with the result that someone lost their skin, thousands of people had ulcers, over two thousand became blind. The FDA finally manages to ban the compound as a supplement in the 1940s. But then came the Russian doctors, the European ones and finally the bodybuilders.

Somehow, there are those who still trade this stuff.

Years ago, physiologist Lyle Mc Donald experimented with DNP on himself, finding it not so miraculous.

But his experiment paved the way for supplements that did and does contain DNP among sportspeople. Often without mentioning it among the ingredients, to avoid the ban by the FDA.

And so the cases of poisoning and death lead to the discovery, always too late, that Dinitroferol continues to be sold in one way or another. The case of Eloise Parry is proof of this, as I wrote here. The girl bought some fat burning pills in good faith, and by the time she got to the hospital she was too late.

There is NO minimum safe dose of DNP, because the substance accumulates in the body.

And the fact that it is not mentioned in the ingredients means that there are fat burning supplements on the market that have this crap inside: you can buy them on the internet.

The only weapon you have to defend yourself is not to buy fat burning supplements online.
Don’t let a zealous personal trainer fix you any substance, as happened to 28-year-old Sean Clethero.
Do not buy these products overseas. And immediately report those who offer them to you.

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