Autumn foods for weight loss

Autumn foods for weight loss

pumpkinautumnTaking a cue from this American article, let’s find out together which foods we must take advantage of to lose weight in the fall! The ideal for a healthy weight loss is to always try to vary your diet by taking advantage of the seasonal innovations, which obviously will be mostly of the vegetable type (fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit). Here are nine autumn foods that must be part of our shopping :
– In the first place we find the pomegranate : pomegranate has diuretic properties and helps cardiovascular health; instead of spending a fortune on juice, which is also advisable to drink the rest of the year, let’s take advantage of fresh pomegranates from the greengrocer and stock it up. The pomegranate fruit salad with lemon juice and a hint of honey is excellent

– Pear: helps intestinal regularity and promotes a flat abdomen.
– Berries: if you find them at the greengrocer’s, take them immediately. Berries can not only flavor many dishes (think roast or cookies), but they are a powerful fat burner. Ideal as a snack.
– Pumpkin : Pumpkins of all types are ideal for losing weight, having a good content of fiber and water with very few calories.
– Apple: high content in fiber and especially in pectin, a gelling fiber that allows you to stay full for a long time.
– Sage: helps digestion, and fights intestinal fermentation. Add it to cooking legumes, roasts, soups.
– Cinnamon:it is the most representative spice of winter. But did you know that it speeds up metabolism, regulates blood sugar and fights nervous hunger?
– Brussels sprouts : stewed in a little oil or very little butter, they are one of the most fibrous and protein-rich vegetables! Yes, protein.
– Sweet potatoes : sweet potatoes have a medium-low glycemic index and are therefore highly recommended instead of traditional potatoes. Try them in purée, au gratin and in the healthiest way, boiled. But also cut them into thin slices and put them in the oven brushed with oil and a little flavored salt. Great fries come out!

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