Raw food diet and skin diseases

Raw food diet and skin diseases

raw foodA Northern European family with three children suffering from various diseases, a girl with severe eczema , the others with allergies and other inflammatory problems, benefited greatly from the vegan and high-carb raw food diet . What does it mean? It means that they chose to eat only fruits, vegetables, oil seeds and nuts for the health of their children: it seems that especially their daughter, Maya, suffered from a severe form of eczema from the first years of life, which initially pushed her mother to eliminate a number of foods from her diet: first refined carbohydrates, milk and sugar; subsequently products of animal origin. Finally, the conversion from the vegan diet to the raw vegan diet. Completely raw but vegetable foods, with which the two parents managed to defeat their children’s diseases: now, this cheerful “raw-vegan” family has put up a website and an instagram profile  to document their story.
Of course, reading here the story of little Maya, one cannot but think that there is a correlation between the change to a vegan and raw food diet to the total disappearance of eczema symptoms for her, and allergies for her two brothers. Even reading their fb profile there are many cases witnessed by other commentators suffering from eczema and other skin diseases such as psoriasis on the advantages of a vegan raw diet.
For more information, I refer you to two other personal stories: the story of Daniele Murroni , and the story of the famous Banana Girl (in my opinion excessive in having imposed on her son his own diet, I talked about it here ), which is summarized here .

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