Diet and hypothyroidism

Diet and hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism  is certainly not such an uncommon chronic condition and today I want to share with you a diet or mostly some food advice that makes our relationship with food simpler, more aware.

Let’s look together.

What is hypothyroidism?

Diet and hypothyroidism: what is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a chronic condition that causes sufferers to have thyroid problems. The thyroid is the gland that regulates the functions of our body and having a lower secretion of thyroid hormones can change many functions of our body.

Suffering from hypothyroidism means having the most disparate symptoms: from being constantly cold to memory loss, from hypercholesterolemia to a sense of constant fatigue.

The causes can be many, just do a blood check to get rid of the thought with these common symptoms.

Food can be an ally to improve the thyroid condition and live better.

Fighting hypothyroidism with food

Diet and hypothyroidism: fighting hypothyroidism with food

We need iodine to form thyroid hormones and this can be found in foods, especially fresh ones, such as vegetables, proteins such as chicken and pork and especially fish, seaweed and iodized salt. The iodized salt is a salt with the addition of iodine particularly suitable for those suffering from thyroid gland.

Excellent concentration of iodine also in flax seeds, turnips, radishes, millet and tapioca, perfect to accompany vegetables or proteins to eat every day.

Iodine is important because once absorbed from the intestine it goes into the blood and is immediately absorbed by the thyroid.

It is used to integrate, in fact, a specific diet with an intake of iodine in the form of supplements or pills to be taken daily.

Always bearing in mind that with a chronic thyroid disease it is always good to have a continuous relationship with our endocrinologist because any type of diet we want to embrace to live better still needs the approval of the doctor.

In any case, however, a varied and balanced diet such as the Mediterranean diet with the addition of fruit and vegetables for a total of 5 micro-meals per day can be the best solution for such a common problem.


Almost two for sure of the population suffer from hypothyroidism and it is a condition that is not disabling but it is certainly underhanded since the symptoms are quite common.

Eating well should, however, be the real consideration to make at any time in our life to try to stay healthy and to use food as part of the cure if there is any health problem instead.

Food as a cure is a solution that has been considered as such for millennia.

From the dawn of time or, certainly, in the nights that had to do with our grandmothers!

Food as a refreshment and as an aid to get better, always under medical advice.

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