Protein diets and stress!

Protein diets and stress!

cortisolIf protein and high-protein diets tempt you, if they tell you that Dukan is bad for you but you dream of losing pounds and pounds by eating bresaola for breakfast, then remember that high-protein diets are responsible for an increase in cortisol in the blood . That is the hormone responsible for stress. What Causes the Cortisol Rise? Well, since cortisol is controlled by blood sugar, an increase in cortisol pushes the body to ask for more sugar, while on the contrary the right dose of carbohydrates dampens the cortisol: a big problem if you are on a protein diet! Furthermore, cortisol is responsible for the tendency to gain weight especially in the abdomen, and various related and related health problems, such as hair loss, abdominal swelling, dull skin, poorer quality of sleep and digestion. You want to eat protein: the increase in cortisol nullifies the metabolic benefits of protein and high protein diets, and worse, once you stop the diet your sugar hunger will be much greater than before the diet. There are many studies that link cortisol to a high-protein diet, but the solution is not even to resume eating carbohydrates as before: even high-glycemic carbohydrates increase cortisol!
A middle? A diet with a good protein intake and low glycemic index carbohydrates to be used especially for the first half of the day: balanced meals, but with attention to whole grains and legumes to avoid overexertion of the adrenal glands.
And so the line is reached faster and the physical stress goes away.

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