Here is our review of the Asus ROG Theta 7.1, top-of-the-range headphones from the Asus brand dedicated especially to the gaming world.

Although for most players it is customary to settle for excellent or perhaps mediocre products, but with a really interesting quality / price ratio, there are also users who want to aspire to the maximum, buying items without compromise and offering premium quality and feedback, which clearly have their price. This is the case of the Asus ROG Theta 7.1 , headphones of the Asus ROG ( Republic of Gamers ) brand designed not to consider the value for money, but to include within it any feature that can satisfy the most passionate users, or even professionals. These, however, are offered at a price of over € 250.Asus ROG Theta 7.1

Presenting itself with 7.1 technology , the headset is designed specifically for the gaming world , as can be easily understood from their functionality – and above all from their aesthetic aspect – but thanks to their undisputed quality they adapt to almost any environment, providing each case a result that is hardly unsuccessful. So let’s see together all the details of the product, which we have had the opportunity to investigate and test in various areas, and which presents itself to define new quality standards that will undoubtedly do well for the next products of this kind, on PC and on all consoles. game.

Solid, resistant and with premium feedback

The headphones are solid, durable and of quality.

Interfacing with the Asus ROG Theta 7.1 box, with an aggressive design as is now tradition for products that wink at the world of gaming, you are faced with several items that accompany the main product. First of all, we find the microphone , which is therefore easy to guess is easily removable at will , along with two replacement ear pads . Knowing that not all users can easily use connections with Type C, the company has also included an adapter for the classic Type A. The headphones have a cable that starts from the bottom of each pavilion, for a total of two different cables, which join in a single port after having traveled about 1.2 meters, a length that can increase thanks to the adapter by about one meter.

The bearings offer ROG Hybrid technology , designed to provide maximum comfort and the best audio feedback. The former are made of genuine leather with a transparent retina, as well as enabled for rapid cooling: these are designed for the best compromise for medium-short sessions. For prolonged use, on the other hand, there are two thicker and more padded pads , which make the use for several hours weigh less. In both cases, we found no discomfort while wearing glasses, the same also applies to the top. The Asus ROG Theta 7.1 are in fact adjustable through the classic rail , which has been paddedfor the occasion in order not to cause annoyance. A negative part concerns the weight of the product, 650 grams  well distributed, but which take a long time before the user is able to get used to it completely.

Asus ROG Theta 7.1The two pavilions have a particular D shape: contrary to what one might imagine, this is well structured and comfortable. The cable to connect the device unfortunately starts from the lower part of both, a detail that could make many turn up their noses. These are meant to be folded easily up to 90 degrees, in order for example to put the headphones on a flat surface, or even to rest the rail around the neck and the pavilions near the shoulders. Just like the entire structure of the product, they are very large, but they ooze quality from all pores thanks to the materials used, and fortunately they are solid and resistant. The microphone can, as already mentioned, be easily attached under the left pavilion, a rather interesting feature. A wheel placed above the same ear allows you to adjust the volume , activate and deactivate the microphone with immediate pressure, and modify the RGB LEDs with the prolonged one. There is also a convenient switch to adapt the product to the system with which it interfaces.

No compromises with the Asus ROG Theta 7.1

The software side of the Asus ROG Theta 7.1 masterfully completes the last piece of the product.

Speaking of audio, the Asus ROG Theta 7.1 clearly offers cutting-edge features. The very high listening quality is guaranteed by 8 drivers , 4 40 mm and 4 30 mm, divided into pairs of two for the pavilions, perfect for embracing almost any frequency with quality. Listening is therefore clear and clean , as well as suitable for any use and also for competitive gaming, given the precision of the sound emitted. The microphone offers perhaps some more compromises, mainly for a sound that is not revolutionary, but certainly more than discreet. However, the patented artificial intelligence ensures simply fantastic noise reduction, which therefore guarantees continuous quality even in the presence of strong continuous sounds. Fortunately, both possibilities are easily adjustable through dedicated software , which close the lineup of a complete product in everything: we are talking about Armory II and the Armory Crate hub . Whether it is RGB changes, 7.1 surround activation, every action is easy and intuitive, but those who wish can also individually modify the various audio parameters in order to obtain a personalized and 100% complete experience, which thanks to the various profiles it is adaptable to the various daily situations.

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