Today we discover the new line of Acer products, made specifically to get closer to the needs of all players.

Acer has announced the update of four lines of projectors, with the introduction of new advanced models, both LED and laser, in the mainstream categories, and two high-performance lines for business use. These new models include a top-of-the-range 1080p LED projector with 3,000 lumens of brightness and energy-efficient laser projectors that reach 3,100 lumens. Additionally, three new Acer monitors for consumer and business users have been announced: Acer B248Y with eye protection solutions, HDR compatible Acer CBL272U and Acer BL270 which has virtually no side bezels.

Acer PD Series and VD Series

The VD6510i is a 3,000 lumen wireless 1080p LED projector that delivers ultra-smooth 1080p projections with 120Hz refresh rate for enjoying thrilling action movies. With 125% coverage of the Rec. 709 color gamut, it provides excellent color saturation and vivid images. It also delivers an improved 16x sequential display speed that minimizes the rainbow effect, while the brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens allows you to produce a crystal clear image even on large screens or in a room with lights on. LED floodlights are not very susceptible to brightness decay and are also environmentally friendly thanks to the fact that they do not contain mercury. In addition, with a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens, the PD1530i projector is suitable for use in corporate meetings. The wireless 1080p LED projector is capable of projecting a 100 inch screen from a distance of less than 3 meters. LED projectors reach full brightness immediately after switching on, eliminating delays at the start of meetings. Furthermore, this brightness is long lasting: 30,000 hours, so that business users can use the PD1530i for many years.

Acer XL Series

With a power consumption of just 143 watts, the 3,100 lumen Acer XL series laser projectors (XL1220 / XL1320W / XL1520) are among the most efficient in the world. The XL Series includes reliable devices that deliver stunning image quality up to 1080p ideal for mid-sized meeting rooms. The IP6X certification, which is the highest degree of protection available against solid foreign bodies, guarantees that the XL series projectors are “dust-tight”, meaning that they prevent the entry of dust or other particles that can damage the device . These 3,100 lumen projectors can be used in any ambient lighting and, combined with a lifespan of 30,000 hours, require significantly less maintenance. They also offer vertical and 360 degree projection modes,

Acer UL and PL Series

The Acer UL5630 is an innovative projector designed to overcome space limitations. It is capable of projecting 120-inch images from a distance of only 31 cm (12.3 inches). This ultra short throw projector features a new high quality image laser diode, which allows it to project in WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200 pixels) with 4,500 lumens of brightness, creating sharp images where every detail stands out. Features such as the ability to freely project in 360 degrees or portrait mode, and remote management, make the UL series particularly suitable for education and work. The PL series of 6,000 ANSI Lumen laser projectors (PL7610 / PL7610T / PL7510) includes low maintenance devices with a lifespan of 30,000 hours. They are ideal for those who work in particularly large places,

Acer B248Y

Acer B248Y is an ergonomic monitor, TÜV / Eyesafe certified and equipped with a number of features such as Acer LightSense and Acer ColorSense, which aim to reduce eye strain by automatically adjusting the screen brightness and color temperature according to the ambient lighting. The IPS4 FHD (1,980 x 1,080 pixels) display is mounted on an Ergostand, an adjustable stand that makes it easy to customize the height, rotate or tilt the display, or even rotate 90 degrees in portrait mode. Comfortable on the eyes, the B248Y monitor can also make the most of any desk. Its integrated docking station transforms the monitor into a workspace in its own right thanks to the RJ45 and USB Type-C 100W PD ports available to simplify home-office travel. Those who need a large display space can connect multiple monitors. The adjustable FHD webcam with Windows Hello support is rotatable to allow users to find the perfect angle for shots or close it for privacy reasons.

Acer CBL272U

Acer CBL272U is a TUV / Eyesafe certified 27-inch monitor that offers a QHD panel (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), Delta E <1 color accuracy and 99% sRGB gamut coverage. With its 178-degree viewing angle, this monitor has been designed with a number of eye-care features: BlueLightShield Pro filters out potentially harmful blue light; ComfyView is an anti-glare technology. Also of note is the dimming capability, which allows the monitor brightness to be lowered by up to 15% for night use. The monitor uses VRB technology to provide 1ms response time and reduce blur, while HDR10 support allows for significantly improved contrast between dark and
light areas.

Acer BL270

Acer BL270 is a TÜV / Eyesafe certified FHD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) monitor with bezels so thin that it allows you to place two monitors side by side with virtually no image discontinuity. It is a monitor with a clean and professional design, which can be integrated both in the home and in the office. The monitor’s adjustable stand allows you to adjust its height and rotation to suit any user. The monitor is also designed to work with the Acer Smart Console App, which allows you to easily play and control your phone’s content on the monitor.


  • The PD series projectors will be available in Italy with prices starting from € 1,199.
  • The XL series projectors will be available in Italy with prices starting from 999 euros.
  • The UL5630 projector will be available in Italy with prices starting from € 1,999.
  • The PL7610T projector will be available in Italy with prices starting from 2,499 euros.
  • The Acer BL248Y monitor will be available in Italy in February 2021 with prices starting from 349 euros.
  • The Acer CBL272U monitor will be available in Italy in January 2021 with prices starting from 319 euros.
  • The Acer BL270 monitor will be available in Italy in January 2021 with prices starting from 239 euros.

This is all there was to know about these new products of the company , for more information and updates on the latest news we refer you to our Tech department .

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