We finally got our hands on the fast WD Black P50 external SSD for PC and console, here is our product review.


Now arrived in 2020, close to the new generation of consoles, it is easy to define most of the obsolete Hard Disks . The larger denominations of hard drives are certainly cheaper than SSDs , but SSDs automatically slow down systems in one way or another. SSDs, or Solid State Drives , are now the future, no doubt, but these are unfortunately still in continuous development as they are newer and come with much higher prices, as well as with reduced comfort. You will hardly hear of external SSDs, unlike hard disks and keys that are now used frequently both in the world of game consoles and in that of PCs. By becoming the standard bearer of this new frontier of technology, the well-known company Western Digital has recently marketed a product designed to aim for the maximum in this area, we are talking about the WD Black P50 .WD Black P50

A real external NVMe SSD , which can be used on all PCs, as well as on the various game consoles on the market and on those that will arrive very soon. However, to exploit its potential to the maximum, some specific requirements are necessary – not present in most current platforms – and it is also for this reason that the price of the WD Black P50 is far from negligible when considering the classic storage memories. . So let’s find out together all the details on the new Western Digital SSD.

Solidity and compactness

The product is aesthetically pleasing, but also solid and reduced in size

Inside the packaging of the WD Black P50 we find the essential material, however perfect to guarantee all the connections. Apart from the main product, we are dealing with two rather short connection cables. We are talking about a Type C to Type C , and a Type C to Type A , so a normal USB slot is enough to connect the product; finally there are also useful manuals. Depending on the model purchased, you will receive a disk with a capacity of 500GB , 1TB or 2TB . In each case, the SSD is really solid and resistant, as it is entirely made of metal, and is able to withstand falls and not easily perishable. The design conceived by Western Digital is really interesting, and considering that the article fits almost in the palm of a hand it is also easily adaptable to different environments. In the underlying part the device is able to dissipate the accumulated heat, but there are also anti- skids that keep it slightly raised from the surface.

WD Black P50Unfortunately, however, it is not so easy to make the most of the potential of this product , as its standard is aimed at a narrow audience to say the least. This in fact supports the USB 3.2 Gen 2 × 2 connection for the transmission of up to 20GB / s , which is available on very few motherboards, mainly not aimed at the consumer range. The article is in fact designed to last over time, and when this standard becomes more common it will more likely be within everyone’s reach. However, using the first generation USB 3 it is possible to transfer up to 5GB / s , which becomes 10GB / s for the second generation USB 3. These are excellent numbers to say the least, which in fact are also indicated for new generation gaming consoles, as well as to obtain a high-level gaming experience on PC.


Premium speed with the WD Black P50

The WD Black P50 SSD is already a top of the range, but designed to last over time

Already using the product on the consoles of the current generation it is possible to notice a substantial improvement in the uploads, although we will have to see how this will behave in the world of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Using a USB 3 port on a PC, especially if the second generation, you will still have to deal with a revolutionary experience compared to classic Hard Disks. The WD Black P50, however, points to quality standards already ahead for the next few years, and is therefore particularly recommended as an ” investment ” for those who intend to keep up with the times on the hardware side, whether it is console or PC. The fact remains that even todaythe product is configured as a top of the range for external SSDs , and with a higher price it ensures all their mobility and comfort.

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