How to lose weight in the summer according to the nutritionist

How to lose weight in the summer according to the nutritionist

Nutritionist Maria Bella of Top Balance Nutrition has revealed the tricks to lose weight in the summer without following a specific diet. Ideal for those who want to lose weight but are too busy to follow a particular diet, stand there to measure foods, choose and cook particular foods, but still want to see themselves better in the mirror in the summer.

Here’s how to lose weight in the summer according to the nutritionist:
– The basic meal plan must include : lean meats, lean dairy products, fish, legumes, lean proteins such as tofu, fruit and vegetables. Instead, starches, or carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, potatoes: carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables can be enough in the summer. 
– Eat more for breakfast and lunch: The bulk of what we consume is divided between these two meals, says the nutritionist. Let’s limit ourselves to a light dinner: a salad with a pound of chicken breast, tomatoes and olives, a glass of wine.
– Sunday starts from the second:on Sunday or the day you eat more than one course, start with the second and not the first course if possible. If that’s not possible, limit yourself to half a portion for the first course, while if your problem is wanting to indulge in a dessert, follow the 3-bite rule. Just eat 3 bites and then leave.
– Hunger is normal: if you tighten your belt it is normal to be a little hungry. Try increasing green leafy vegetables with meals, and fiber in general, by eating raw vegetables and unpeeled fruit.

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