Are legumes bad for you?

Are legumes bad for you?

News flocks everywhere that legumes would be bad for you . The reasons given by people who also make use of qualifications in which it appears that something they have studied make me support those who say that there are too many people who take a degree without really deserving it, and who exploit their position to misinform harms of poor readers and informants . Most of the time, these people will say two basic things that should make you run away from them as far as possible:
1) They are conspiracy theorists.For them the World Health Organization and all medical associations are rotten, doctors do not want to treat us, but they are paid by pharmaceutical companies, guidelines on proper nutrition are sponsored by corporations and so on. Obviously they are against the tide , they ask you to “wake up” and not to be gullible. You have to believe them and not everyone else. A perfect logic

2) I am the good example. They will tell you that they have lost weight, they have defeated serious illnesses, they have never caught the flu, their children are little Olympic champions, they are bursting with health precisely because their diet, their treatment, etc., are taking effect.
Here, in generalthe people you have to run away from start from both these assumptions , seasoned here and there by some research just to feel legitimized. They are the ones who say that the titles are not enough, that the dietician is a politician, the doctor a braggart, always generalizing, because they are not critical. They did the school of life . Objecting to these people is a tough job, you have to start studying, having to proceed on equal terms with the right arguments. It’s easier not to listen to them.

One of the big topics that is often brought up by these people is the big antinutrient chapter.That is, substances that prevent the assimilation of nutrients. HORROR! The phytates, nitrates, toxins, the various antivitamins of the case. They will tell you two essential things:
– That whole grains contain antinutrients, so nothing whole.
– That legumes contain antinutrients, so no legumes.

Now, I can’t explain it to you, so I would like to point out some search terms that can help you to learn more.
– Not all antinutrients are bad for us. They often have a preventive and antioxidant action. Just don’t overdo it.
– Antinutrients are also present in eggs, fish, shellfish, meat, fruit and vegetables, milk, dairy products, cheeses and wine , and are often created with some cooking processes (roasted or grilled food ). Do you want to live without antinutrients? Well, stop eating. Right away. You can live on air, but the air is polluted too, remember that! Just stop breathing.
– The body tolerates a certain number of antinutrients very easily.
– We can easily get rid of some antinutrients by adopting simple hygiene measures .

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