Nervous hunger attacks, do this

Nervous hunger attacks, do this

How to resist hunger pangs? Simple, knowing the enemy, which is nervous hunger.Every person who experiences hunger attacks is a bit like someone who suffers from panic attacks: he fears losing control, and usually loses it, and when he “comes to his senses”, that is, he regains the awareness necessary to stop, he too late and he is seized by feelings of guilt and defeat, which generally worsen the situation and force him to punitive behaviors, such as diets, fasting, gym sessions to try to remedy what is experienced as a big weakness. Does it seem to you that this is the situation? Well, I have suffered for years from hunger attacks, indeed, from real bulimic attacks. I know what I’m talking about. Fifteen years ago I came to want to get rid of the refrigerator, to spend abnormal amounts on food,famenervosa
You can bypass hunger pangs and stop being a victim of nervous hunger, I am proof of that. I am now totally no stranger to binges. How did I do it? Simple. There are two essential things we need to learn

– The first is NOT to get anxious and not to run for cover after we have eaten too much or gone too far. We cannot run for cover. We need to stop thinking we can correct this hunger pang thing by punishing ourselves later, by skipping a meal or something. We ate, we overdid it, but we weren’t wrong. There is nothing wrong. You have to repeat this to yourself like a mantra, say to yourself: “I ate too much, so what? It’s not the end of the world”.
– The second is to evaluate the situation well.Come on, we know each other. Nobody knows us better than us. There is no sort of trance state that we gorge ourselves on. Many food choices are unaware of all human beings, it is not that it works differently for us. We need to understand when it is easier for us to overshoot. According to this article, there are several situations that cause hunger pangs:social situation (we eat as pushed by others), emotional situation (tired, depressed, etc.), low self-esteem (we find comfort from food because we don’t like looking at each other), situational (we went to the bakery and didn’t understand anything), physiological (we eat to relieve headache, nausea, belly attack). Now, knowing ours allows us to understand how we can remedy: we certainly cannot continue to eat uncontrollably all our life, do you think? Without haste and without anxiety, a little more rationality will allow us to better face the enemy. For example, if we understand that we get hungry after dinner, we can think of dietary but tasty snacks that can make us go hungry. For example, I recommended theoat cream or brown rice enriched with a little bitter cocoa : from 40/50 grams of cream she creates two after dinner puddings (one pudding a day, but before she ate two). Eaten in a hurry they cause a strong sense of satiety due to the fiber of the whole grain. My friend has thus stopped eating biscuits and snacks and spoonfuls of Nutella. If you are into salty food, buy some dehydrated vegetables instead of chips. Or choose the pickles. Or the lupins. If, on the other hand, the problem is when you are on the street, always carry a small snack in your bag . It can be a protein bar, a dark chocolate, a bag of pistachios.

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