Vegetables for a flat abdomen

Vegetables for a flat abdomen

Remember one thing: your and my enemy number one is not the rising scales, it is abdominal fat . Having a tummy is much more synonymous with poor health than having wide hips or fat thighs. Having a belly is synonymous with visceral fat, or that fat that is created around the vital organs, the real bad fat, in short, which can give us a series of big health risks. Therefore, the first concern that we must have and that must push us to change our lifestyle and diet is to break down visceral fat .
In this article, for example, I will explain how some vegetables allow us to have a flat abdomenor, helping us to dispose of extra centimeters where it is needed most. According to the  American Diabetes Association ,  it is necessary to favor a diet based on all those vegetables that are low in calories but high in fiber and water. In English these vegetables are called “nonstarchy vegetables”, or vegetables such as peppers, cabbage and other cruciferous (radicchio, sprouts, broccoli, sauerkraut), sprouts and mushrooms. Paradoxically, cabbages tend to drop the belly (after an initial moment of swelling), and this has been a common point in various studies, something that normally no one would think

To this first list are added green leafy vegetables, asparagus, fennel, sweet potatoes, legumeswhich, due to their fiber content, satiate, lower the glycemic index responsible for the insulin peak that makes us fat. To recap: a diet rich in cabbage, vegetables, mushrooms, sprouts, legumes, asparagus and green leafy vegetables in the first place help us to throw down the belly.
With these vegetables, experts recommend combining soy-based foods , such as tofu and tempeh, for their good dose of vegetable proteins, while dairy products and cheeses, which would increase abdominal fat, are not recommended.
How can we use this information in order to immediately have a flatter abdomen?
Simple. In each meal, we combine a plate of raw vegetables among those mentioned (sprouts, salad, fennel, fresh mushrooms, baby spinach) seasoning them with a little extra virgin olive oil, and we finish with a side dish of cooked vegetables, always seasoned with oil, preferably a raw. For example: raw vegetable appetizer, wholemeal pasta dish or brown rice with cooked vegetables.
Or: raw vegetable appetizer, steamed meat or fish with cooked vegetables.
Let’s remember to drink at least eight good glasses of water and the belly disappears.

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