Anemia | Deficiency of iron:

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Anemia | Deficiency of iron:



Anemia is a disease that cause by the deficiency of iron in body. Anemic condition effects health of a body. Actually we can define anemia as: It is deficiency of red blood cell in blood. In this article I will completely discuss about Anemia, Cause, Symptoms, process involved in anemia, and I will give you dietary recommendation in anemic condition. If you want to know about anemia then read this article till end. This article will only focus on anemia instead of other red blood diseases.

What is Anemia?|Anemia | Deficiency of iron:

Actually Anemia is a disease in which body is deficient in red blood cells. And a man feels fatigue due to less supply of oxygen to body. Anemia is ability of blood to carry oxygen. If it is low then this is called anemia. We can also define it as: It is low hemoglobin concentration in blood with the passage of age and sex (gender).

Process behind Anemia:|Anemia | Deficiency of iron:

When oxygen is inhaled by us, It go to whole body cells with the help of blood. Red blood cells have ability to carry oxygen due to the presence of hemoglobin and each cell of body work proper functions. We can say that hemoglobin is oxygen carrier.

Now if see structure of hemoglobin then iron is most important, that is involved in the binding of oxygen with hemoglobin. So deficiency of iron may cause disability of hemoglobin to bind oxygen. So it is responsible for deficiency of oxygen in each cell body.

Structure of Hemoglobin:

Each hemoglobin has four irons that are used to bind four oxygen molecules. It has four hemo groups that surrounded a globin group. And globin group has further two linkages of polypeptide chains.

Symptoms of Anemia:

Fatigue is most important symptom in anemic condition, due to the deficiency of oxygen in each cell of body. Some most important symptoms of anemia are given below, that should not be ignored:

Tired & Fatigue:|Anemia | Deficiency of iron:

These are most common symptoms of anemia that a man feels tired 24 hours.  Actually symptoms of anemia vary from time to time with the condition. For example: In the initial stage symptoms are less defined. But in moderate or severe anemic condition you may fell severe symptoms.

Low stamina:

It is also another example of anemia, it is due to the deficiency of oxygen. Due to less supply of oxygen to muscles they cannot work properly, So in anemia Heart beat rate increase.

Yellowish Skin:

Due to the deficiency of red blood cells in body, or improper work of red blood cells, Yellowish skin is also another symptom for anemia.

Mental Disorders:

In anemic condition a patient may feel many mental disorders, Such as insomnia. It is due to the deficiency of iron. That may damage structure of red blood cells.


Due to the deficiency of iron, and improper work of red blood cell, patient may feel dizziness all over the time.

Causes of anemia:

According to the stage of anemic condition, causes of anemia vary. Some most important and common causes of anemia are give below:

Excessive bleeding:

Due to the excessive loss of blood, by injury or menstruation disorder patient may suffer from anemia. According some researches 3 to 4 of total volume of blood lose cause death.

Iron deficiency:

According to a survey every third person of Pakistan is iron deficient. Iron deficiency damages structure of hemoglobin. So capability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen slows down that may leads to anemia.

Poor Nutrition:

It is most important silent cause of anemia, many peoples who are malnourished,  they suffer from iron deficiency and may be face chronic anemic condition.

Recommendation in Anemic condition:

If you want to know about the dietary recommendations of anemia for chronic or temporary condition then click on this link and visit our Article about Dietary recommendation of anemia.


In this article you can found complete treatment of anemia with dietary guidelines or with supplementations.

Conclusion:|Anemia | Deficiency of iron:

At the end in the light of above discussion we can say that: deficiency of red blood cell in blood is called anemia, it is very severe disease that may cause dizziness, Fatigue and yellowish of skin. It is due to the deficiency of iron.

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