Alopecia, homeopathic natural remedies

Alopecia, homeopathic natural remedies

Alopecia , the partial or total loss of hair and hair, can be genetic in nature or depend on external factors such as stress , vitamin and iron deficiencies, or hormonal factors. Let’s find out better.

Alopecia, symptoms, causes and natural remedies


Causes and symptoms of alopecia

It is the total or partial absence of hair and / or hair , which can be transient or permanent , and of genetic or acquired origin. Those that benefit from the therapies are only the acquired forms, as it is possible to identify a triggering cause that is at the origin.

Very often these disorders are associated with an overall fragility of all the skin appendages, including therefore also the nails, and are linked to a certain inability of the organism to absorb important and fundamental elements for the robustness of the appendages, such as zinc , iron and silicon .

It is therefore not surprising that disturbances of this type are frequently observed in some essentially long-limbed anatomical constitutions , which are characterized, to varying degrees, by a reduced ability to absorb those trace elements contained above all in plant foods.

In addition to anemia , numerous other conditions can be associated, in an accessory way, with alterations of the scalp, including hypothyroidism , some fungal infections, radiotherapy and anticancer therapies.

But remember that, in homeopathy, emotional traumas such as strong fright, important emotional disappointments, states of affliction and resentment and more generally of moral suffering of the person will also be considered as triggering causes , as well as excessive psychophysical commitment.

The acquired forms, finally, can have two different clinical presentations: the aerated form and the seborrheic one : the latter preferably affects the male sex, begins at an early age – around 18-20 years – with oily desquamation of the scalp, which follows then a progressive loss of hair in the frontal area and at the top of the head, together with an annoying itchy symptomatology. 

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Homeopathic remedies for alopecia

As we have said, a certain anatomical constitution is often associated, from an early age, with a predisposition to hair loss and, more generally, to the fragility of all skin appendages.

In particular, the muriatic constitution, the sulfuric ones tending to weight loss and demineralization and all the phosphoric ones properly called, are the subjects in which this trend will most easily be observed from a not particularly advanced age. It is therefore not surprising that remedies frequently used in these stages of life, to treat progressively worsening forms of alopecia, will be Natrum Muriaticum and some characteristic remedies of the phosphoric series, including Kali Phosphoricum and Phosporic acidum , as well as, in the more advanced phase of organic decompensation, a frequently indicated remedy, always in subjects of these constitutions, will be Silicea .

Obviously, to these cases, which therefore require a more generalized approach – precisely because hair loss recognizes a complex mechanism that involves, among other things, the function of digestion and absorption of food – are added all those in which the disorder is secondary to contingent situations, which determine emotional traumas of which we have previously mentioned.

And so for the forms resulting from strong fright, for example, depending on the reaction of the person we could take into consideration Aconitum or Gelsemium ; for those secondary to intense affective traumas and sentimental delusions we can use Arnica or Ignatia respectively , while Staphysagria will be useful for moral sufferings, unexpressed states of frustration and withheld anger .

Finally, a remedy indicated in all forms of exacerbation of seborrheic alopecia, which we have previously described, will be Selenium : the people who will benefit from it, often fatigued by excessive psychophysical overgrowth, have an oily seborrhea associated with acne and comedones, loss of hair, eyelashes, beard hair and even genital hair, and typical vesicular formations between the fingers.

Similar oily and greasy skin, with a whitish border on the upper lip and worm-eaten edges of the eyebrows, presents a useful remedy in more florid constitutions, namely Thuja , which in turn can evolve to Graphites , a remedy for alopecia of these constitutions. , characterized by the progressive slowing down of the organic metabolism due to food overaccumulation.

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