The psychosomatic view of colitis

The psychosomatic view of colitis

Colitis, one of the most common ailments in our modern society, can hide root causes that involve our first brain and our second brain, in close correlation. Thoughts can become polluting elements to get rid of.

The psychosomatic view of colitis

When we talk about colitis , we are talking about the viscera, the center of our organism, a dark, private, deep area. A difficult topic that specularly concerns the personality, the second brain, the most twisted mind, in a physical, physiological and psychological sense .

The gut: our second brain

Let’s think about the shape of our brain and that of the intestine : loops, convolutions, adhesions, nerve endings.

The intestine has an intrinsic nervous system and although in the collective imagination we identify the heart as central to feelings, very powerful emotional exchanges take place in our viscera, completely independent of the brain.

Just think of the fact that a large part of serotonin the neurotransmitter of well-being, is produced in the intestinal environment.

We can say that “happiness is belly” without risking a chance! When serotonin levels are low , or when we are experiencing a condition or simply an anxious situation, which causes us stress , our belly responds with symptoms such as nausea , abdominal pain , cramps , sudden diarrheal discharges .

And beware , our second brain has a very attentive memory : a known input, even unconscious, is enough to trigger physical reactions.

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Colitis: inflammation of the brain

It often happens that our intestine reacts to what the mind does not accept, to held emotions or to those it would like to get rid of quickly because they pollute the soul and destabilize.

In this fluctuation of tension and relaxation our intestines move, trying to modulate “high” nature imbalances into “low nature instincts” .

The intestinal function is closely related to the digestive one and often if a thought or an emotion is not “digested”, it becomes a topic to be eliminated quickly , to get rid of.

Some thoughts then become “faeces”, which cannot be tolerated , accepted, synthesized and must be expelled quickly, to return to feeling clean even emotionally.

People with psychosomatic colitis often respond to some symptomatic personality traits .

> Cleaning freaks;
> moral rigidity;
> difficult relationships with sexuality and its aspects;
> introverted, inhibited personality;
> inability to adapt.

Psychosomatic Colitis: A Relief Valve

Let us always remember that curing the symptom does not eliminate the cause, it can silence it, but silence is often the worst evil, because it is like a fire that is smoldered under the embers and then breaks apart in an explosive or worse implosive way!

Problems and subsequently disturbances of an emotional , mental, psychological nature, or any other attribute we want to associate with them, if not addressed, recognized and treated, can lead to very dangerous reactions that affect the chemical-hormonal balance of our nervous system.

In case of psychosomatic colitis, but also of all pathologies that have deep roots, we apply a holistic approach that takes care of the individual as a whole.

The naturopath can contribute to the path of awareness , in synergy with the figure of the doctor, helping those affected by this type of pathology to seek the solution of the disorder and not limiting its manifestation.

Colitis should be addressed with a gastroenterologist , with a proctologist , with a nutritionist , with a psychologist , possibly with a neurologist , with a naturopath because often integrated paths must be crossed to reach the goal, even with natural remedies .

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