5 ways to fight constipation if you are on a diet

5 ways to fight constipation if you are on a diet

One of the drawbacks of going on a weight loss diet is constipation. The low-calorie diet does this, and especially constipation is a problem for those who reduce carbohydrates or eliminate them completely to lose weight or for those who reduce fat to a minimum.

The reason why with the low-calorie diet you go less to the bathroom is not only linked to the lesser amount of food, but is one of the indicators of the metabolism that slows down, precisely because, on the contrary, regularity in the bathroom is one of the signs of an efficient and efficient metabolism. optimal. With fewer calories, the digestive system slows down.

This also happens when you start exercising or overdo it.
Is it possible to fight constipation to be able to continue our diet in peace? Here are 5 ways to fight constipation if you want to lose weight.


  1. Get the right probiotics.
    Not all probiotics are helpful in relieving constipation. So eating yogurt and taking enzymes or supplements can be contraindicated if we struggle to go to the bathroom. The most effective probiotic for those who have difficulty getting rid of it is one, Lactobacillus Casei Shirota, present in Yakult, which you find in many supermarkets.
  2. Eat foods that contain viscous or soluble fiber.
    These foods are generally to be preferred in case of constipation, because the viscous fibers have the particularity of softening the stool, increasing it in volume and facilitating their expulsion. The foods I recommend are oat flakes, chia seeds mixed with vegetable milk or juice, psyllium seeds, cooked apples and pears, fresh plums, legumes.
  3. Eat medium-chain fats.
    Medium-chain fats resolve constipation associated with metabolic slowdown, and we find them mainly in coconut oil and ghee. Today, however, there are products with concentrated medium-chain fats, which used to season dishes (cold) instead of other fats solve the problem of constipation, such as this: MCT-Coconut oil essential fatty acids – 500ml Suitable for vegan, vegetarian and Paleo-Keto diets, Gluten Free .
  4. Take a magnesium supplement.
    Constipation is often associated with the loss of mineral salts, and in particular of magnesium and potassium. Magnesium also has a muscle relaxant effect and I recommend that you take it in the evening. Magnesium chloride , based on magnesium and chlorine, is perhaps the most suitable product.
  5. Drink enough during the day.
    Especially in the morning, you can lend a hand to our body by drinking more water, and then reducing it a little in the evening. Instead of natural water, I recommend herbal teas. The most powerful to resolve severe constipation are those based on sennosides (cascara sagrada, frangula), but it is better to avoid them except in severe cases and focus on herbal teas with an emollient effect, such as those of mallow, marshmallow, or aniseed and fennel.

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