Foods rich in leucine and breast cancer

Foods rich in leucine and breast cancer

One of the essential amino acids contained in the vast majority of protein foods, leucine, is linked to an increased risk of drug resistance in breast cancer.

In particular for breast tumors sensitive to estrogen and treated with Tamoxifen.


Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Cancer Center found that these tumors do not respond well to the drug if the patient eats leucine-rich foods.

For some time, studies have been carried out on the dangerousness of some amino acids compared to others.

For example, while lysine and proline are considered protective amino acids against the risk of both cancer and spread, others risk making the tumor more aggressive.

Scientists said their lab results confirm that reducing leucine levels makes cancer cells weaker. And therefore Tamoxifen is more successful with patients on a low-leucine diet.


  • What are the leucine-rich foods to avoid?

    Stockfish, cow’s milk powder, soy, aged cheeses, goats, lupins, beans, bacon and cured meats, chicken, turkey, pumpkin seeds and tuna are the foods to avoid, together with BCAA supplements for athletes.

  • The foods to be preferred that are poorer in leucine are, from the highest to the lowest.

    Cannellini beans, goat’s milk, low-fat yogurt, bacon, broad beans, oysters, buffalo milk, fresh peas, high quality whole milk, skimmed milk, whey, frozen peas, fresh black-eyed beans, pork shoulder.
    Vegetables and fruits are also low in leucine, as are tubers, and the following grains: rice, rye and corn.

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