The diet rich in insoluble fiber to lose weight one kg per week

The diet rich in insoluble fiber to lose weight one kg per week

A diet rich in insoluble fiber to lose one kg per week without restrictive food plans, but taking advantage of the satiating power of some natural foods.

Here is a valid weight loss scheme to try for all people who want to lose their extra pounds in a smart and above all healthy way.

But let’s start with the particularity of this diet, which is the insoluble fiber.


  • Insoluble fibers unlike soluble ones remain intact in the intestinal tract. Until they are excreted through the feces.
  • The advantage of insoluble fibers over soluble fibers is that the former do not provide calories.
  • In the diet rich in insoluble fiber, there are foods that can be eaten in the desired quantity without the risk of providing too many calories.
  • A diet rich in insoluble fiber is ideal for people who suffer from both high blood sugar and high cholesterol.
  • It is also indicated in those suffering from constipation and diverticula.
  • This is a safe diet, however as with any diet I recommend that you discuss it with your doctor.
    On page two we see the plan that I suggest for you to lose a pound a week with a diet rich in insoluble fiber. Some of the products I mention can be easily found in organic shops, but let’s talk about rather cheap products. Others you can find in ethnic specialty shops or replace them with other more common foods

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