Young bodybuilder dies from too much protein

Young bodybuilder dies from too much protein

A young woman practicing bodybuilding would die from excessive consumption of protein powders, shakes and protein foods.

To sound the alarm about the dangers of such a diet for health was the mother, Michelle White. Her daughter Meegan Hefford would have died as a result of her obsession with fitness and the gym, so she would have started drinking many protein shakes to keep fit. Meegan, 25, had recently given birth to her second child, according to her mother, but this left her with postpartum depression. Joining her gym had allowed her to get out of depression and lose the weight of pregnancy and the effect of the antidepressant treatment.

But there is a downside, which in Meegan’s case was fatal.
Meegan would have started to take an interest in fitness competitions: her dream was to become a fitness model. In this regard, her athletic trainers would have made her follow a low-calorie diet that included numerous protein shakes. Success was not long in coming: Meegan had positioned herself well in competitions.
Too bad that a short time later she was found lifeless by two paramedics, who had rushed to the emergency room after her phone call.

It turned out that Meegan suffered from a genetic condition called Urea Cycle Defect , a rare metabolic condition where you can’t get too much protein. This disorder leads to a high level of ammonia in the blood which the body would not be able to detoxify, and which would then reach the brain, paralyzing it. If the disorder is diagnosed in time, a correct diet and the right attention allow those who suffer from it not to have fatal consequences. But Meegan was unaware that he suffered from this ailment.

In Italy, only 250 people a year discover they have the Urea Cycle Defect.
So we’re not interested in theory right? Wrong. Because Meegan’s mother had the protein powder her daughter taken from a lab analyzed. And she found traces of heavy metals. Aluminum, lead, mercury, arsenic, pesticides were present in the brands that Meegan used. So be careful what you buy and how much of these products you use.

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