The Warner diet to lose 4 kg in 10 days

The Warner diet to lose 4 kg in 10 days

The Warner Diet is a ten-day lightning-fast regimen that, according to its creator, nutritionist and personal trainer Jackie Warner, has been perfected over the years allowing her clients to lose weight quickly in just 10 days. In fact, with the Warner diet you can lose 4 kg in 10 days.

This lightning regimen must then be followed by 20 days of stabilization in order not to regain the weight lost.
According to Jackie Warner , in fact, these ten days of diet are used to reset the metabolism, deflate the belly, lose excess fluids and get rid of the addiction to unhealthy foods. Particularly addiction to sweets, sugary carbonated drinks, alcohol and excess fatty foods. Let’s see how it works in detail.
I state that the diet is decidedly drastic and monotonous. It makes you lose weight, but it’s tough. I recommend that you go straight to step two.


  • Phase 1: Phase one is the one lasting 10 days. The diet is very low-calorie, and must be followed under the guidance of a doctor. In this phase it is necessary to do 10 minutes (counted) of bodyweight exercises. Squats, lunges, push-ups, abs. They cannot be skipped.
  • The second 20-day phase is a 1200 calorie diet.
  • The third phase is the basis of maintenance: 1500 calories of diet with the possibility of free meals.


The foods of this phase cannot be changed. There are no substitutions except the ones you read.

Before breakfast, lunch and dinner: drink half a liter of low mineral content water.
Another 8 glasses of water should be drunk throughout the day.
Half a grapefruit or half an orange, a cup of unsweetened green tea, 30 grams of oat flakes cooked in 200 ml of water with added stevia and cinnamon + a chopped walnut on top (or 3 almonds).
50 grams of wholemeal bread or 2 slices of toasted wholemeal pan stuffed with a large tomato, 40 grams of avocado or a teaspoon of oil, a handful of raw spinach or rocket or salad with the option of a level teaspoon of mustard. A portion of bean sprouts or champignon mushrooms stir-fried with a level teaspoon of oil.
130 grams of chicken breast, turkey breast or veal or a large can of natural tuna. 200-300 grams of broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Chinese or curly cabbage, endive or brussel sprouts or salad. A teaspoon of oil. 120 grams of boiled or baked new or sweet potatoes with only herbs and spices.
Snack: half an apple in the middle of the day + a cup of unsweetened green tea + 8 almonds.
Snack: A protein chocolate bar like Prozis Zero Snack. It must not exceed 100 calories. 150 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt with a level teaspoon of cocoa and stevia is also fine. In this case, reduce the almonds in the snack to 6.
Plus a cup of unsweetened green tea.
On page two the second phase

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