Why do we get fat? The fault of a protein

Why do we get fat? The fault of a protein

Have you ever wondered why we get fat as we get older? And why do we get fat when we are stressed?

Or why do we gain weight in general, unless we keep an eye on portions and get more exercise? In short, why is it easier for our body to gain weight than to lose weight?
The answer is not obvious. So far we have always given different explanations for each phenomenon: for example we know that as we age we tend to gain weight because the body gradually loses lean mass, therefore the metabolism slows down over the years. Yet we can all find that our bodies accumulate weight more easily than lose it. To lose it we have to create a calorie deficit, go on a diet, in short, make sacrifices.
But scientists today give an evolutionary explanation for why we get fat. It would be all a protein’s fault.

Why do we get fat? The fault of the RAGE

The explanation would be in a protein called RAGE, which belongs to the immunoglobulin family. According to scientists from New York University, in fact, this protein originally saved man from perishing in situations of extreme famine. In fact, it works by significantly lowering the metabolism when you do not eat anything for a long time. So far, nothing we didn’t already know. We already knew that biologically speaking, man has always tried to defend himself from famine thanks to the fact that the metabolism is not fixed, it adapts to the environment and to food. Slow down if we eat little, to avoid that we continue to lose weight indefinitely or at least to slow down this process as much as possible and save our lives. This metabolic slowdown occurs thanks to the activation of the RAGE protein.
But scientists have discovered another interesting thing.
Hold fast.
The same protein is activated if we eat too much, or when we binge .
The explanation is this …


In fact, it seems that this protein is not only activated in conditions of famine, but every time we are subjected to strong stress that affects our cells. Cellular stress activates RAGE. Both bingeing and overworking or putting the body under any other type of stress has the same effect on metabolism: the protein is activated and we gain weight. In short, the body does not consider those binges as extra calories, but as stress (metabolic, digestive, even as a sudden change in diet, because binge eating is often preceded or followed by new food restrictions).
The Rage is unable to recognize stress from other factors than malnutrition: biologically speaking, we are always in a dangerous situation.
Considering the stressful life we ​​lead, the fact that often even when we are on a diet then we find ourselves straying and overeating, it is in short biologically normal that the result is a tendency to gain more and more fat as time passes.

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