You can defeat diabetes, here’s how

You can defeat diabetes, here’s how

On Dcomedieta I have often talked about the studies of prof. Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, who has achieved very promising results with his diabetic patients thanks to a highly low-calorie diet. In one case, a patient was able to return to a normal blood sugar in as little as 11 days, as I have reported here.

In most cases, an 800-calorie daily diet resulted in patients defeating diabetes within 4 to 6 weeks. Obviously, being a very strict and restrictive diet, Dr. Taylor’s protocol doubts were more than legitimate. But today a study confirms what Dr. Taylor has been saying for some time.

And that is that to defeat diabetes it is necessary to “lose weight the liver” with a very low-calorie diet. What does diabetes have to do with the liver, you ask?


According to the new study conducted by prof. Taylor and Dr. Ahmad Al-Mrabeh, the reason people get type 2 diabetes is in the liver fat, hence the liver.
Insulin resistance is said to be a liver condition and not a pancreatic one.

The fat in the liver in fact makes it difficult to control this organ in its production of glycogen, the reserve sugar of the human body: it is a bit as if an enlarged liver produces more sugar than the body needs, resulting in an increase in blood sugar. at the blood level.

This would happen because the enlarged liver has more diacylglycerols than normal, a type of fat that inhibits insulin production and therefore causes glycogen production to increase without the body being able to defend itself. To defeat type 2 diabetes, the only weapon is not a slow reduction in body weight.
Losing a pound a week if the patient has type 2 diabetes does not work.

It is necessary to ensure that the patient lose weight quickly to attack the liver fat, and that he maintains the new weight achieved for at least 12 months.

You can read here and here the diet plans of prof. Roy Taylor, and propose them to the doctor. Remember that it is important to maintain weight loss results for one year to beat type 2 diabetes.

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