Weight loss medication would increase cancer risk

Weight loss medication would increase cancer risk


Shy turnaround by the FDA on the marketing of a slimming drug, Belviq, based on Lorcaserin , produced by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Arena or by Eisai.

In Italy also known as Belviq or Lorge X, but not yet available, the slimming drug was one of the few to have been approved by the Food And Drug Administration after many studies that confirmed its effectiveness.

The drug allowed to lose 5% of body weight without other interventions (eg diet) in overweight or obese patients.

All in all, a modest weight loss, which took place thanks to its serotonergic effect, i.e. by increasing the concentrations of serotonin. This indirectly allowed to reduce appetite.


I would like to make a premise that I believe is important.
One thing that is rarely talked about but on which we must be very careful, are precisely the drugs with serotonergic action, which should be used only in the case of low serotinin

On the other hand, products that increase serotinin but are not free from side effects are often abused. Serotonin for sleep, to reduce nervous hunger, to fight anxiety and depression, etc. Supplements can also promote the production of serotonin, as is the case with hypericum.

But serotonin is a very powerful neurotransmitter, and using drugs that promote its production can cause collateral damage in those who are not deficient. One of these is an increased risk of cancer.

In fact, serotonin promotes the growth factors of cancer cells by acting on the 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 receptors.
However, the risk is dose dependent . That is, it has been seen that in those who are deficient in serotonin, a serotonergic drug has a protective effect. In someone who has no deficiency and takes the drug for prolonged periods, the exact opposite can happen.

This means that serotonin can give great benefits in those with a deficiency, while in those with normal serotonin levels increasing serotonin will not give benefits and on the contrary can increase the health risks.
Even in cases of anxiety, insomnia and depression, serotonin is not always the right answer. Not all of these symptoms are due to a lack of serotonin!
It is necessary to evaluate case by case and be very careful in taking serotonergic drugs.
Closed premise.

Let’s see what happened in the case of the weight loss drug Belviq.

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