Comedian Rebel Wilson went on a diet

Comedian Rebel Wilson went on a diet

Rebel Wilson is a blonde comedy actress who you will have seen in countless films, including Disney’s recent JoJo Rabbit and Pitch Perfect. Some suspect that it was her overweight that made her likeable and entertaining to the general public. And looking at the roles she has played so far, one can think that it is roughly like this. She is the friend of the irreverent and festive bride, the girl who despite the extra pounds finds love, and so on.
But above all from this year Wilson has decided to change course.

She called 2020 the year of her health , but Rebel Wilson actually went on a diet last year, right after the Christmas holidays. Let’s be clear: it took a lot of determination.

rebel-wilson-lost weight

But consistently, our Rebel has lost over 20 pounds in less than a year and 10 in the last few months: here’s how she did it.


Behind the success of Rebel Wilson’s good intentions there is only a lot of determination and a special diet. In fact, the actress turned to the Austrian center VivaMayr to lose weight with the Mayr detox diet .

He added physical activity to the diet. Wilson now goes to the gym 4 times a week or goes for a run when she’s not exercising.
Thanks to the diet, she said goodbye to sugary drinks and junk food.
No to pizza, burgers, fries, donuts and ice cream, which were her weak points.
She has replaced them with whole foods, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, avocados, legumes and eggs and she says she consumes up to 35 grams of fiber per day.

And despite the same actress on Instagram admitting that it was difficult to lose weight, she is now at her target weight of 70 kilos, the goal she set for herself.

And if it continues to be successful also in the cinema, then we will have confirmation that the girl has stepped away from the roles of the nice overweight blonde because she is talented, and not because of her body.

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