Why am I not losing weight? Here are 4 reasons

Why am I not losing weight? Here are 4 reasons

Why am I not losing weight? It is one of the most frequent comments under my Dcomedieta articles that I post on facebook. I write that walking makes you lose weight and regularly there are those who tell me that they walk three hours a day but do not lose weight.

I post a thousand-calorie diet to be done for two or three days and some people write to me that they have been eating like this for years in an attempt to lose weight. Trying to lose weight and failing is a very frustrating thing.

Eating little for months or years is even more frustrating.

If you are making every effort to lose weight but with no encouraging results or even zero results, this article is for you. Here are 4 reasons why the scale does not move, at least not down.


Human error.

The first and most obvious reason why you don’t lose weight, but it’s not necessarily yours, mind you, is human error. For example, we believe we eat little, but between weekend cheats and small portions of foods that are very caloric, it is easy to always remain in one’s needs even if we seem to eat little.

Another problem that falls within human error is that today many accessories are in fashion to control how many calories are burned by doing a certain activity. The pedometer, the calorie counter on the treadmill, etc.
People think they burn exactly the calories shown on the display, but that’s a per-subject estimate based on height and weight. In personal accessories, such as the pedometer, you can put height, weight and gender.
But the calorie-counting displays found in exercise machines are set up for a normal-weight man about five feet tall. So when you, a woman, do two hours on an exercise bike or treadmill, you don’t burn the calories that appear on the display, but much less.

Even if you have a customizable calorie counter device, you have to take into account that your metabolism is different from the metabolism of another woman of the same weight, age or height. Each of us has different metabolic flexibility . This means that two people of the same gender, age and weight and height will burn a different number of calories to perform a certain activity.

The result is that when you are exercising or walking you believe that you have burned far more calories than you actually burned. Finally, there is one last reason.
If you do the exact same physical activity for months or years, your body has clearly got used to that type of movement. This explains why sedentary and very overweight people who start walking lose a lot of weight. Accustomed walkers do not.

This thing has also been addressed scientifically. It has been seen that the hunter-gatherer tribes still existing on the planet move around all day, yet burn the same calories as a post office worker .

So remember that you may have underestimated human error. Which can be dietary or activity, so you either eat more than you think or burn fewer calories than you think. Continued on page two. Don’t worry that the other reasons are less long. ( CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 )

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