Lose 2 kg in a week on the Fricker diet

Lose 2 kg in a week on the Fricker diet


The Fricker diet is a three-phase diet also called the 2-4-7 diet that allows you to lose 2 kg in one week on average. Conceived by the French doctor Jacques Fricker, it is a dietary re-education method, very simple to follow, designed for those suffering from high blood sugar, overweight in the area especially the abdomen, high cholesterol.

In fact, in the first phase of the diet, an average of 2.5 kilos are lost per week. In the second phase from 1 kg per week to half a kilo per week. The third phase is maintenance.

The plan can be followed by men and women, with the appropriate variations, but it is the same for all people. Obviously it is essential to talk to your doctor. Let’s see together the Fricker diet to lose 2 kg in a week.


First phase or fast weight loss (about 1000-1200 calories)

In this phase, two complete meals are consumed, lunch and dinner and another small meal which can be breakfast.
This phase must be followed for a maximum of 8 weeks and does not include days off.

125 to 250 grams (women / men) of low-fat white yogurt (0% fat, can be sweetened with zero-calorie sweetener) or skimmed white quark cheese or natural skimmed Greek yogurt or skim or soy milk.
One to two fruits (women / men) which can be an orange, a kiwi, a pear, an apple, a peach, two small mandarins or apricots (equal to a fruit), a grapefruit or half a glass of red fruits or two slices of pineapple or melon (medium portion equal to a fruit).
A hot drink of your choice, unsweetened (sweetener ok) including herbal tea, tea and coffee.

Lunch and dinner.
A portion of meat or vegetable broth or vegetable puree without legumes or potatoes.
200 grams – 250 grams (women / men) of chicken, turkey, lean veal, egg whites, white fish of all kinds (including natural tuna), lean turkey slices, or 125/150 grams of natural tofu or seitan alla plate. Raw weight.
Minimum 200 grams of vegetables (raw weight). Leafy ones are preferred, such as spinach, chard, Chinese cabbage, savoy cabbage, salad, radicchio, chicory. Alternatively: mushrooms, aubergines, courgettes, broccoli, cucumbers.
Two teaspoons of oil or butter or liquid cream.
Anyone who wants can finish the meal with a small fruit from those listed that does not exceed 100 grams.


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